Andrew Chown

Represented by: Kish Iqbal


Reign Principal CW/CBS; Dir: Holly Dale
Her Friend Adam (Short) Principal Dir: Ben Petrie
Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Various Ubisoft; Dir: Marc-Alexis Côté
Beauty and the Beast Principal CW/CBS; Dir: Norma Bailey
Shakespeare in Love Will Citadel Theatre; Dir: Daryl Cloran
Vimy Laurie Soulpepper Theatre; Dir: Diana Leblanc
The Merry Wives of Windsor Caius Bard on the Beach Theatre; Dir: Johnna Wright
Romeo & Juliet Romeo Bard on the Beach Theatre; Dir: Kim Collier
Taking Shakespeare Murph New Stages; Dir: Randy Read
The Bacchae Pentheus Bacchae Co-Op
*Harry The King: Famous Victories of Henry V Hotspur Repercussion Theatre; Dir: Paul Hopkins
The Circle (New Words Festival) Ily NTS; Dir: Ann-Marie Kerr
The Changeling Antonio NTS; Dir: David Latham
Our Country’s Good Harry Brewer/Caesar NTS; Dir: Tadeusz Bradecki
Canine Canine Toronto Festival of Clowns/A. Lazarus & J. Essery
Lion In The Streets Martin/Bill/Ben NTS; Dir: Ravi Jain
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Oberon NTS; Dir: Joseph Zeigler
The Seagull Konstantin NTS; Dir: Tanja Jacobs
Safari Noble NTS; Dir: Nina Lee Aquino
King Lear King Lear NTS; Dir: Jonathan Goad
*META – Nomination for Outstanding Emerging Artist
Liberation of the White, Wealthy, Cisgendered, Straight, Able-bodied Man Paprika Festival
NATIONAL THEATRE SCHOOL – Under the direction of Alisa Palmer & Sherry Bie
Acting – Nina Lee Aquino; Sherry Bie; Martha Burns; Brendan Healey; Jackie Maxwell; Weyni Mengesha; Martha Burns; Paul Gross; Paul Dunn, Damien Atkins
Alexander Technique – Kelly McEvenue
Classical Text/Shakespeare – Jonathan Goad; David Latham; Andrew Wade; Ian Watson; Joseph Zeigler
Voice/Speech – Jane Gooderham; JoJo Rideout
Singing – Linda Morrison
Scene Study (Three Sisters; After Miss Julie; Hedda Gabler) – Laszlo Marton; Yael Farber; Martha Burns
Film Editing, Writing, Piano, Basketball

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