Michael Healey

Represented by: Pam Winter


Height: 6’               Weight:175lbs                Hair: Black                Eyes: Brown                    ACTRA/CAEA


Dead Metaphor Oliver Canadian Rep Theatre; Dir: George F. Walker
Proud Prime Minister GCTC; Dir: Miles Potter
Clybourne Park Russ/Dan Studio 180 Theatre; Dir: Joel Greenberg
Are You Okay Performer Necessary Angel; Dir: Daniel Brooks
Courageous Martin/Pete Tarragon/Citadel; Dir: Richard Rose
Stuff Happens George W. Bush Studio 180 Theatre; Dir: Joel Greenberg
Them & Us Company Theatre Passe Muraille; Dir: Ruth Madoc Jones
Frost/Nixon Bob Zelnick Vancouver Playhouse/Canstage; Dir: Ted Dykstra
Stuff Happens Ensemble Studio 180 Theatre; Dir: Joel Greenberg
The Optimists Doug Tarragon Theatre; Dir: Eda Holmes
Olympia Count Albert Soulpepper; Dir: Albert Schultz
Plan B Michael Fraser Alberta Theatre Projects
Hotel Loopy Murray Pint Theatre Colombus; Dir: Leah Cherniak
In the Wings Robert Pullwarden Theatre Passe Muraille; Layne Coleman
Doubt Henry Theatre Colombus; Dir: Leah Cherniak
The Road to Hell Lorne/Dennis Tarragon Theatre; Dir: Andy McKim
* Better Living Uncle Jack Factory Theatre; Dir:George F. Walker
End of Civilization Henry Factory Theatre; Dir:George F. Walker
* Kicked One Man Show Hugh Bris Theatre; Dir: Brian Quirt
Yodellers Lorne Tor Toronto Fringe; Dir: Tanja Jacobs
Unsettling Accounts Yves Crow’s Theatre; Dir: Jim Millan
Reading Hebron Nathan Abromowitz Factory Theatre; Dir: Brian Quirt
Gulag Various TPM/Platform 9; Dir: Sarah Stanley
League of Nathans Nathan Abromowitz PTE; Dir: Richard Greenblatt
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Rev. Tooker Grand Theatre; Dir: Miles Potter
Ballad for a Rum Runner’s Daughter Willis Blyth Festival; Dir: Janet Amos
Jake’s Place Jake Blyth Festival; Dir: Miles Potter
Three in the Back Two in the Head Paul Jackson Tarragon/NAC; Dir: Richard Rose
Stop Slowing Down Ensemble Rule Five; Dir: Ian Prinsloo
In the Wings of Eden SM TSG; Dir: Herbert Olshok
* League of Nations Nathan Isaacs Orange Dog; Dir: Ian Prinsloo
Andromache Pyrrhus Orange Dog; Dir: Ian Prinsloo
*Dora Mavor Moore Nominations, Best Performance
Save Me Principal Ithentic/CBC Digital; Dir: Fab Filipo
Murdoch Mysteries Principal CBC/Shaftsbury; Dir: Gail Harvey
Saving Hope Featured CTV/NBC; Dir: David Wellington
Republic of Doyle Guest Star CBC; Dir: Keith Samples
Family First Lead Believerville Productions
Living In Your Car Pawnshop Broker TMN; Dir: David Steinberg
Late Fragments Kevin CFC/NFB; Dir: Daryl Cloran
This is Wonderland Ryder CBC; Prod; Bernard Zuckerman
Supertown Challenge Doug S & S Productions
Spoken Art: Kicked Lead Bravo/Sleeping Giant Prod.
Traders Father Somers Global/Alliance Atlantis
Are You Okay Peggy Baker Dance Projects/Necessary Angel, 2011
Courageous Tarragon/Citadel, 2010
The Nuttalls Blyth Festival, 2009
Generous Tarragon Theatre, 2008
The Innocent Eye Test Mirvish Productions, 2006
Olympia Soulpepper Theatre, 2005
Rune Arlidge Tarragon Theatre, 2004
Plan B Tarragon Theatre, 2002
The Road to Hell Tarragon Theatre, 1999
The Drawer Boy Theatre Passe Muraille, 1999 (premiere)
Yodellers Toronto Fringe, 1998
An Actor’s Diary Twisted Syntax Publications
Dear Mr. Newton Twisted Syntax Publications
Sincerely, Michael Healey
Courageous: Dora Mavor Moore Award, Best New Play (2010)

Generous: Dora Mavor Moore Award, Best New Play (2007)

The Drawer Boy:  Dora Mavor Moore Award, Best New Play (1999); Governor General’s Award for Drama (1999); Chalmers Award (2000)

Kicked:  Dora Mavor Moore Award, Best New Play (1998); Chalmer’s Award Nomination (1998)

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