Joanne Kelly

Represented by: Pam Winter


AWAY FROM EVERYWHERE Lead Morag Loves Away; Dir: Justin Simms
CLOSET MONSTER Supporting Rhombus Media; Dir: Stephen Dunn
VOX (short) Lead Independent; Dir: Stephen Reynolds
SADIE (short) Lead Independent; Dir: Latonia Hartery
EXTRACTION Lead Sony; Dir: Tony Giglio
RUN OFF Lead White Whale Productions; Dir; Kimberly Levin
LAST STOP Lead Engine Film Group; Dir: Travis Oates
JACK HUNTER: TRILOGY Lead ACI; Dir: Terry Cunningham
REMEMBERING PHIL Lead Prevalent Films; Dir: Brian Smith
GOING THE DISTANCE Lead MuchMusic/Chum; Dir: Mark Griffiths
CRIME SPREE Supporting Greenlight Film & TV; Dir: Brad Mirman
THE BAY OF LOVE AND SORROWS Lead Triptych Media Inc; Dir: Tim Southam
THE DISAPPEARANCE Lead Casablanca Pictures
ZOO Recurring Guest Star CBS
THE RETURNED Recurring Guest Star A&E
HOSTAGES Recurring Guest Star CBS
WAREHOUSE 13 Series Lead SyFy Channel
*DIAMONDS Lead ABC; Dir: Andy Wilson
NO ORDINARY FAMILY Guest Star ABC; Dir: David Petrarca
CSI MIAMI Guest Star CBS; Dir: Sam Hill
REPUBLIC OF DOYLE Guest Star CBC; Dir: Steve DiMarco
THE DEEP END Guest Star ABC; Dir: Tom Verica
CASTLE Guest Star ABC; Dir: Bryan Spicer
SUPERNATURAL Guest Star CW; Dir: Kim Manners
THE DRESDEN FILES Supporting SyFy Channel
HEYDAY Supporting CBC; Dir: Gordon Pinsent
PLAYING HOUSE Lead CTV; Dir: Kelly Makin
THE CATCH Series Regular ABC/Pilot
SOLARSTRIKE Lead SyFy Channel; Dir: Paul Ziller
SLINGS AND ARROWS Recurring Rhombus Media
WHISKEY ECHO Lead CBC; Dir: Harry Hook
SELLING INNOCENCE Supporting CTV/ Buena Vista; Dir: Pierre Gang
JEREMIAH Series Regular Showtime
FAMILY DOCTOR Lead CBS/MOW; Dir: Alex Chapple
TRACKER Guest Star City TV/FOX; Dir: William Fruet
THE BAY OF LOVE AND SORROWS (Feature) Lead Triptych Media Inc./T im Southam
LARGO WINCH II Guest Star Paramount; Dir: David Wu
JULIUS CAESAR Principal Bravo Television; Dir: Evangelo Kioussis
* Nominated for Gemini (Canadian Screen Award)
THE HOUSE OF YES Jackie O Storefront Theatre/ Ben Blaise
PROOF Catherine RedOne Theatre Collective
OLEANNA Carol Castawayhorse Productions
SEVEN STORIES Rachel Same Plan Co-op
MACBETH Witch / Lady Macbeth u/s HurlyBurly Theatre Company
MEASURE FOR MEASURE Mariana / Isabella u/s Shakespeare by the Sea
JULIUS CAESAR Strato / Young Cato Shakespeare by the Sea
*ROMEO & JULIET Servant / Soldier / Juliet u/s Shakespeare by the Sea
* Included tour of England

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