Brittany Allen

Represented by: Adam Stutt


SAG-AFTRA, ACTRA. CAEA                       HAIR: LIGHT BROWN           EYES: BROWN          HEIGHT: 5’8
GRENDEL Recurring Guest Star Netflix/Dark Horse Entertainment
THE BOYS Recurring Guest Star Amazon
TAKEN Recurring Guest Star NBC
FALLING WATER Recurring Guest Star USA Network
SEPERATED AT BIRTH Lead Incendo/Dir. Philippe Gagnon
SCHITT’S CREEK Guest Star CBC/Dir: Jerry Ciccoritti
SAVING HOPE Guest Star CTV/Dir: David Wellington
REPUBLIC OF DOYLE Guest Star CBC/Dir: Dawn Wilkinson
PLAYED Guest Star CTV/Dir: Kelly Makin
SATISFACTION Guest Star CTV/Dir: Keith Samples
DEFIANCE Recurring Guest Star Syfy
LOST GIRL Guest Star SyFy/Dir: Gail Harvey
BOMB GIRLS Recurring Guest Star Global TV/Dir: Ken Girotti
THE LISTENER Guest Star NBC/Dir: Kari Skogland
ABROARD Guest Star CBC/Dir: Philip John
ST. BRIGID’S MEDICAL Series Regular The ‘N’/Epitome Pictures
MVP Recurring CBC/Dir: TW Peacock
MAYDAY Guest Star Discovery/Dir: Ian Robertson
PROM QUEEN Supporting CTV/ Tapestry Films/Dir: John L’Ecuyer
I LOVE MUMMY Supporting Tut Tut Prod/Dir: Gail Harvey
VIRTUAL MOM Principal Catalyst/Dir: Sheila McCarthy
WHAT KATY DID Supporting Catalyst/Dir: Stacey Stewart Curtis
DEAD AVIATORS Principal Aviators Prods/Dir: David Wellington
*Winner – 38th Daytime Emmy – Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series (2011)
THE PRODIGY Supporting Orion Pictures/Dir: Nicholas McCarthy
WHAT KEEPS YOU ALIVE Lead Digital Interference Prod/Dir: Colin Minihan
JIGSAW Lead Lionsgate/Dir: Michael & Peter Spierig
THE DEFINITES Supporting Aberrant Pict/Dir: M. Donaldson & H. Cheesman
IT STAINS THE SANDS RED Lead Darclight Films/Dir: Colin Minihan
EXTRATERRESTRIAL Lead Tribeca Film/Dir: The Vicious Brothers
LOOK AGAIN Lead LA Productions/Dir: Daniel O’Connor
SKYSCRAPER Supporting Wango Films/Dir: April Mullen
BACKGAMMON Lead Fischer Poductions/Dir: Francisco Orvañanos
*DEAD BEFORE DAWN Lead Wango Films/Dir: April Mullen
VERONA Lead Appulse Films/Dir: Laurie Lind
THE ROCKER Supporting FOX/Dir: Peter Cattaneo
GLITCH Lead Arkitekt Films Inc/Dir: Simon Reynolds
US CHICKENS Lead Arkitekt Films Inc/Dir: Mark Van de Ven
FAIRY TALES Lead Canadian Film Centre
WITCHBLADE Lead Blade TV 2 Productions/Dir: Rick Rosenthal
DINNER DATE Lead Canadian Film Centre/Dir: Annie Bradley
*Nomination – Best Actress- Canadian Comedy Awards (2013)
Piano, Guitar, Singing/Voice (Alto/Mezzo Soprano), Writing, Music Composition, Dance (Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop), Swimming (NLS), Snowboarding, Volleyball


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