Damien Atkins

Represented by: Kish Iqbal


Saving Hope Guest Star CTV; Dir: David Wharnsby
Murdoch Mysteries Guest Star CBC/UKTV; Dir: Deborah Chow
Take This Waltz Principal Dir: Sarah Polley
Desperately Seeking Santa Principal ABC; Dir: Craig Pryce
Committed Principal Lifetime; Dir: Norma Bailey
Angel On Campus Guest Star Family Chanel/BBC; Dir: Mitchell Ness
The Listener Guest Star CTV/NBC; Dir: Kari Skogland
MVP Principal CBC; Dir: T.W. Peacock
Slings And Arrows Recurring Showcase/TMN; Dir: Peter Wellington
Puppets Who Kill Guest Star Comedy Network; Dir: Shawn Alex Thompson
This Is Wonderland Principal CBC; Dir: Chris Grismer
The Green Room (Short Film) Lead Bravo; Dir: Howard Porter
The Eleventh Hour Principal CTV; Dir: David Wellington
Our Fathers Principal Showtime; Dir: Dan Curtis
Talking Canadian Principal CBC; Dir: Margaret Slaght
The Matthew Shepard Story Principal NBC; Dir: Roger Spottiswoode
The Art of Woo Principal Dir: Helen Lee
I Was A Rat Principal BBC; Dir: Laurie Lynd
Children Of My Heart Principal Mederic Prods.; Dir: Keith Leckie


The Sound of Music Captain Georg von Trapp Arts Club Theatre; Dir: Ashlie Corcoran
King Lear Edgar Soulpepper; Dir: Kim Collier
Queen Goneril Edgar Soulpepper; Dir: Weyni Mengesha
Sherlock Holmes & The Raven’s Curse Sherlock Holmes Shaw Festival; Dir: Craig Hall
The Devil’s Disciple Hawkins Shaw Festival; Dir: Eda Holmes
Caroline, or Change Stuart Gellman Obsidian/Musical Stage Co.; Dir: Robert McQueen
The Ladykillers Professor Marcus Shaw Festival; Dir: Tim Carroll
Getting Married Collins Shaw Festival; Dir: Tanja Jacobs
We Are Not Alone* Playwright/Performer Crow’s/Theatre Network/C. Barry/C. Abraham
Henry V Dauphin/Nym/Katherine Shaw Festival; Dirs.: T. Carroll/K. Bennett
The Hound Of The Baskervilles Sherlock Holmes Shaw Festival; Dir: Craig Hall
Undercover Daniel Vertigo/Spontaneous; Dir: Rebecca Northan
Beauty And The Beast Lumiere YPT; Dir: Allen MacInnis
Angels In America: Perestroika Prior Walter Arts Club Theatre; Dir: Kim Collier
Angels In America: Millennium Approaches* Prior Walter Arts Club Theatre; Dir: Kim Collier
Tomorrow Love Ensemble Outside The March; Dir: Mitchell Cushman
Hosanna Hosanna/Claude Soulpepper Dir: Gregory Prest
A Doll’s House Krogstad Soulpepper; Dir: Daniel Brooks
The Heidi Chronicles Peter Patrone Soulpepper; Dir: Gregory Prest
The Gay Heritage Project (Tour) Writer/Performer Buddies/Citadel/Arts Club/Belfry
Jacob Two-Two Meets The Hooded Fang The Hooded Fang YPT; Dirs.: Allen McInnis/Jen Shuber
Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play Gibson/Itchy Outside The March; Dirs.: M. Cushman/S. Bloom
We Are Not Alone Writer/Performer Segal Centre/2btheatre/C. Abraham/C. Barry
Sextet Harry Tarragon Theatre; Dir: Morris Panych
Beatrice & Virgil Henry/Beatrice Factory Theatre; Dir: Sarah Stanley
London Road* Alfie and others Canadian Stage; Dir: Jackie Maxwell
The Gay Heritage Project* Writer/Performer Buddies In Bad Times; Dir: Ashlie Corcoran
Angels In America (Parts I & II) Prior Walter Soulpepper; Dir: Albert Schultz
Someone Else David Crow’s Theatre; Dir: Chris Abraham
Seussical* Cat in the Hat YPT/Citadel; Dir: Allen McInnis
The Clockmaker Monsieur Pierre Tarragon Theatre; Dir: Bob White
Geometry In Venice Henry James Segal Centre; Dir: Chris Abraham
7 Stories Rodney/Marshall/Percy Theatre Calgary/Can. Stage/D. P. Gibson
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead Guildenstern Touchmark Theatre; Dir: Douglas Beattie
Frost/Nixon John Birt Vancouver Playhouse/Can. Stage/T. Dykstra
The Way Of The World Witwoud NAC/Soulpepper; Dir: Peter Hinton
The Retreat From Moscow Jamie Neptune Theatre; Dir: Sarah Stanley
Amadeus Mozart Saidye Bronfman Ctr.; Dir: A. Marine
I Am My Own Wife Charlotte & Others Dallas Theatre Centre; Dir: David Kennedy
The Caretaker Aston Soulpepper; Dir: Albert Schultz
The Importance of Being Earnest Algernon Monicrieff Saidye Bronfman Ctr/Soulpepper; Dir. Ben Barnes
Cabaret Emcee Saidye Bronfman Ctr; Dir: Steven Schipper
The Glass Menagerie Tom Canadian Stage; Dir: Chris Abraham
The Unidentified Human Remains… David Crow’s Theatre; Dir: Jim Millan
The Glass Menagerie* Tom Saidye Bronfman Centre; Dir: Chris Abraham
Real Live Girl* Writer/Performer Buddies In Bad Times; Dir: David Oiye
King Lear Burgundy/Curran Soulpepper; Dir: Joseph Ziegler
Twelfth Night Sir Andrew Aguecheek Globe Theatre; Dir: Ruth Smillie
Real Live Girl Writer/Performer Manitoba Theatre/Grand Theatre; Dir: David Oiye
Amadeus Venticello Canadian Stage/Citadel; Dir: Morris Panych
Sweeney Todd Beadle Canadian Stage; Dir: Morris Panych
Schippel, The Plumber Krey The Grand Theatre; Dir: Allen McInnis
High-Gravel-Blind Lance Garby Stratford; Dir: Richard Monette
Walk Right Up Brilliant Stratford; Dir: Michael Shamata
Mojo Skinny Theatrefront; Dir: Daryl Cloran
Good Mother Dr. Van Doot Stratford; Dir: Miles Potter
The Trials Of Ezra Pound Toady Stratford; Dir: Dennis Garnhum
Our Country’s Good Captain Tench/Ketch Freeman Theatrefront; Dir: Daryl Cloran
Fiddler On The Roof Mendel Stratford; Dir: Susan Schulman
Hamlet Osric Stratford; Sir: Joseph Ziegler
Elizabeth Rex Tom Stratford; Dir: Martha Henry
The Alchemist Dapper Stratford; Dir: Douglas Campbell
Macbeth Young Siward Stratford; Dir: Diana Leblanc
Shopping & Fucking Gary Crow’s Theatre; Dir: Jim Millan
The Tempest Mariner Stratford; Dir: Richard Monette
The Chocolate Soldier Soldier Shaw Festival; Dor: David Latham
Into The Woods Jack Canadian Stage/Theatre Calgary; Dir: Bob Baker
Young Art King Arthur Theatre Network; Dir: Brad Fraser




Jessie Award Winner (Vancouver) for Best Performance (Angels in America, Part One)

Dora Awards for Best Performance in a Musical (London Road and Real Live Girl)

Dora Award for Best Ensemble Performance of a Musical (London Road)

Dora Award for Best New Musical (Real Live Girl)

Toronto Theatre Critics’ Award for Best Performance (Angels in America)

Sterling Award Nomination (Edmonton) for Best Performance – Drama (We Are Not Alone)

Sterling Award (Edmonton) for Best Production (We Are Not Alone)

META Award Nomination (Montreal) for Best Performance (We Are Not Alone)

Dora Nomination for Best Performance in a Play (Angels in America)

Dora Nomination for Best Performance in a Musical (Seussical)

Dora Nomination for Best Ensemble Performance of a Play (The Gay Heritage Project)

MECCA Nomination (Montreal) for Best Performance (Geometry in Venice)

Masque Award Nomination (Montreal) for Best Performance (The Glass Menagerie)


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