Oliver Becker

Represented by: Pam Winter


See Featured Apple TV; Dir: Fred Toye
Hardy Boys Featured Hulu/Chorus; Dir: Melanie Orr
Star Trek: Discovery Featured CBS; Dir: John Dudkowski
Burden of Truth Recurring Guest Star CBC/Hulu; Dir: Kelly Makin
Stardust Featured Salon Pictures; Dir: G. Range
Saving Hope Featured CTV/Ion; Dir: Kelly Makin
Bitten Recurring Guest Star SyFy/Space; Dir: Various
The Girlfriend Experience Recurring Starz; Dir: L. Kerrigan, A. Seimetz
Reign Guest Star CW; Dir: Fred Gerber
Man Seeking Woman Featured FX/NBC; Dir: Jonathan Krisel
Rookie Blue Recurring Global/ABC; Dir: Various
Republic of Doyle Featured CBC; Dir: Stefan Scaini
Lost Girl Featured Showcase/Prodigy Pictures; Dir: B. Sullivan
The Line (2 Seasons) Series Regular TMN; Dir: Various
Rent A Goalie (3 Seasons) Series Regular Showcase; Dir: TW Peacock
Angela’s Eyes Featured Lifetime/NBC Universal; Dir: Mike Rohl
Queer As Folk Guest Lead Showtime; Dir: David Wellington
Street Time Featured Showtime
Salem Witch Trials Featured CBS/Alliance-Atlantis; Dir: Joseph Sargent
Chasing Cain Featured CBC: Prod; B. Zuckerman; Dir: J. Ciccoritti
Deliberate Intent Featured Pebblehut Prod.; Dir: Andy Wolk
Wind At My Back Recurring Sullivan Entertainment
The Hurricane Featured 16th Round Productions.; Dir: N. Jewison
Small Vices Featured A & E Pebblehut; Dir: Robet Markowitz
External Affairs Featured Shaftsbury Films; Dir: Peter Moss
Black Harbour Guest Lead Alliance; Dir: Geraint Wyn Davies
Due South Featured Alliance; Dir: George Bloomfield
Empire of the Bay Voice McGreevy Productions
The Last Don, Part Two Featured Konigberg/ Sanitsky Canada
My Own Country Featured Showtime; Dir: Mira Nair
Silver Surfer Voice Over Interprod. USA
FX The Series Featured Warner Bros; Dir: Paul Lynch
The Defenders: Choice Of Evils Featured Showtime/Paramount; Dir: Andy Wolk
The Rescuers Featured Showtime/Paramount; Dir: Tim Hunter
La Femme Nikita Featured Warners/TV USA; Dir: David Warry-Smith
Wings Of Courage Featured IMAX; Dir: Jean Jacques Annaud
Deadly Sins Featured UG Productions; Dir: Michael Robison
Disappearance Of Vonnie Featured CBS/Tristar; Dir: Graeme Campbell
The Omen (Pilot) Featured Pacific Motion Pictures
Hawkeye (2 episodes) Guest Lead Cannell Films
X-Files (2 episodes) Featured Fox TV/XF Productions
The Marshal (Pilot) Featured Paramount TV
MacGyver Guest Lead Paramount Pictures
Steel City Gangster Rocco Perri Theatre Aquarius; Dir: Ron Ulrich
A Doll’s House Part 2 Torvald Segal Centre; Dir: Caitlin Murphy
The Rainmaker H.C. Curry Drayton Entertainment; Dir: Marti Maraden
A Christmas Carol Ebenezer Scrooge Globe Theatre Society; Dir: Kelli Fox
A Few Good Men Colonel Jessup Theatre Aquarius; Dir: Ted Dykstra
The Last Wife Henry The Belfry Theatre & GCT & Globe Theatre
The Flood Thereafter Georges Canadian Stage; Dir: Ker Wells
Great Expectation Magwitch Soulpepper; Dir: Michael Shamata
Red Mark Rothko MTC/Belfry; Dir: Michael Shamata
God of Carnage Michael Novak MTC/Vancouver Playhouse; Dir: Miles Potter
Hosanna Cuirette Stratford Festival; Dir: Weyni Mengesha
The Seafarer James “Sharky” Harkin MTC; Dir: Gina Wilkinson
Peter Pan Gentleman Starkey Stratford Festival; Dir: Tim Carroll
Zastrozzi Bernardo Stratford Festival; Dir. Jennifer Tarver
Better Living Jack Factory Theatre: Dir: Ken Gass
Wild Mouth Bohdan Tarragon Theatre; Dir: R.H. Thompson
The Pillowman Ariel Citadel Theatre; Dir: Bob Baker
Escape from Happiness Rolly Factory Theatre; Dir: Ken Gass
Frozen Ralph Citadel Theatre; Dir: Chris Abraham
A Whistle in the Dark Iggy Company Theatre; Dir: Jason Byrne
Hamlet (2004 and 2005) Claudius Soulpepper; Dir; Joseph Ziegler
Private Lives Elyot Globe Theatre; Dir: Kent Staines
SideMan Gene Glimmer Tarragon; Dir: Andy McKim
The Cripple Of Inishmaan Babby Bobby Centaur Theatre; Dir: Ben Barnes
Macbeth Macbeth Grand Theatre; Dir: Susan Ferley
Soldier’s Heart Esau Mercer Tarragon Theatre; Dir: Bill Glassco


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