Cherish Violet Blood

Represented by: Sean Miller


CAEA/ACTRA Apprentice
SEEDS Principal Carpe Dee Yum Productions Inc; Dir: Kaniehtiio Horn
DEER WOMAN Lead Article 11, Downstage; Dir: Andy Moro & Tara Beagan
*SCARBOROUGH Lead Compy Films; Dir: Shasha Nakhai & Rich Williamson
RECLAMATION Lead Dir: Thirza Cuthand
NOTWITHSTANDING Lead Dir: Andrea Schmidt & Patrick Reed
*Canadian Screen Award, 2022 WINNER – Best Supporting Actress
GLORIA: A LIFE Delanna Harold Green Jewish Theatre; Dir: Marcia Kash
THE HOURS THAT REMAIN Michelle Theatre Aquarius; Dir: Mary Francis Moore
AFTER THE FIRE Collective Creation Jumblies Theatre; Dir: Ange Loft
+DEER WOMAN Lila Edinburgh Fringe/Article 11; Dir: Andy Moro
DEER WOMAN Lila SydneyFest/Article 11; Dir: Andy Moro
PRIVATE EYES Various Lemon Tree Creations; Dir: Cole Alvis/Indrid Kaspi
DEER WOMEN Lila KIA MAU Festival NZ/Article 11; Dir: Andy Moro
MATERIAL WUTBESS Chalula Daisy Fencepost Spiderwoman Theatre; Dir: Muriel Miguel
THE WOW PROJECT COMES OUT Monologue Rhubarb Festival; Dir: Mel Hague
MAKING TREATY 7 Collective Creation Making Treaty 7 Society; Dir: Blake Brooker/Michelle Trush
MARIA GETS A NEW LIFE Maria Summerworks Festival; Dir: Elizabeth Kantor
WESKEYJACK Various O’demin Geezis Festival; Dir: Alejandro Ronceria
UNDERTOW Lead Wrecking Ball; Dir: Tara Beagan
THE REZ SISTERS Annie Cook O’Kaadenigan Wiingashk Public Energy; Dir: Susan Spicer
GREAT VOICES Medicine Woman Fort York; Dir: Sid Bruyn
THE REZ SISTERS Annie Cook Magnus Theatre; Dir: Mario Crudo
GAAINWEIING Storyweaving Nozhem Trent University; Dir: Muriel Miguel
WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN Lead Aboriginal Day; Dir: Waawaate Fobister
THE REZ SISTERS Emily Dictionary Centre For Indigenous Theatre; Dir: Rose Stella
GEGWAH Recollet Centre for Indigenous Theatre; Dir: Alejandro Ronceria
SERIES OF SAVAGE EVENTS Storyweaving Centre for Indigenous Theatre; Dir: Muriel Miguel
TRAIL OF TEARS Various Centre for Indigenous Theatre; Dir: Arturo Freselone
+Summerhill Arts Award, 2019 WINNER – Edinburgh Lustrum Award
REZ GAS Capitol Theatre
BLOOD SPORT Native Earth, Weesageechak Festival 36; Dir: Yuma Dean Hester
THE EIGHTH FIRE PART 1: THE GREAT MIGRATION Nightwood Theatre; Dir: Yolanda Bonnell
CHILDREN OF THE BEAR Outside The March; Dir: Mitchell Cushman & Erin Goodpipe
THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO Native Earth; Dir: desiree leverenz
ACKOSIK concert ISKWE – Host – Mod Club Theatre
Fiver Concert with Timber Timbre – Host – The Royal
Bold As Love Events – Host – Unit 2
Rosary Spence Album Release Party – Host – ROUND Venue
Red Ride Tour (Kristi Lane Sinclair) – Host – Native Women in the Arts
Creator Within Festival (ANDPVA) – Stand Up – ANDPVA
Creator Within Festival (ANDPVA) – Story Telling – ANDPVA
Tara Williamson CD Release Party – Host – Monarch Tavern
LAL CD Release Party – Host – Gladstone Hotel
The Banff Centre Vocal Intensive – Micah Barnes
Centre for Indigenous Theatre – Graduating Class 2007

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