Christopher Bolton

Represented by: Kish Iqbal


Height: 5’9″       Weight: 140 lbs.       Eyes: Brown        Hair: Brown     ACTRA/UBCP


Saving Hope Guest Star ICF Films/E1; Dir: Peter Stebbings
Republic of Doyle Featured CBC; Dir: Stefan Scaini
The Listener Featured CTV/Shaftesbury Films; Dir: Paul Fox
Flashpoint Recurring CTV/CBS; Dir David Frazee
Breakout Kings Featured FOX/ Prod. Nick Santana/ Gavin Hood
* Rent A Goalie (3 Seasons), creator, producer Series Lead Showcase; Dir: T. W. Peacocke
Billable Hours Featured Showcase; Dir: Various
All Hat Featured New Real/Odeon; Dir: Leonard Farlinger
Life With Derek Featured Shaftsbury; Dir: Various
Angela’s Eyes Featured NBC Universal/Lifetime; Dir: Various
The State Within Series Regular BBC; Dir: Michael Offer, Dan Percival
Our Fathers Featured Showtime; Dir: Dan Curtis
Street Time (2 Seasons) Series Lead Showtime; Dir: Marc Levin
Global Heresy Lead Greenlight Film & TV; Dir: Sidney J. Furie
Blue Murder Featured Global; Prod: Steve Lucas
Mutant X Guest Lead Fireworks; Dir: Terry Ingram
A Colder Kind Of Death Featured Shaftesbury Films/CBC; Dir: Brad Turner
Jimi Hendrix Supporting VH1
Little Men Guest Lead Alliance
Psi Factor Guest Lead Alliance
La Femme Nikita Guest Lead Fireworks Prods; Dir: Gord Langevin
Killing Moon Co-Star Prod; John Gillespie; Dir: John Bradshaw
Dead By Monday Supporting Showline/Rogur Pics: Dir: Kurt Truninger
The Third Miracle Featured 3rd Miracle Prods; Dir: Agniezka Holland
Poltergeist Featured Global
* Cold Squad Guest Star Baton Broadcasting; Dir: S. Curtis
The Outer Limits Guest Star MGM/Trilogy; Dir: M. Azzopardi
Marked Man Featured Allegro Films
Ordeal In The Arctic Lead ABC
City Boy Lead PBS/Wonderworks; Dir: J .K. Harrison
Northwood Recurring Soapbox Prods.
Neon Rider Guest Star AVR Prods.
I Still Dream Of Jeannie Lead CBS; Dir: Joe Scanlon
My Secret Identity Series Regular MSI Prod./CTV/41 Episodes
Street Legal Featured CBC; Dir: S. Di Marco
Airwaves Series Regular Atlantis Films/CTV
Pet Peeves Featured CTV
National Park Featured ITC
Really Weird Tales Featured Atlantis Films; Dir: Don McBrearty
* Gemini Award Nominations: Best Performance by a Guest Star (1998), Best Ensemble Performance in a Comedy Program or Series (2007), Best Comedy Program or Series (2007), Best Ensemble Performance in a Comedy Program or Series (2008), Best Comedy Program or Series (2008)
Rent A Goalie
The Tooth
Lost and Found
Base Camp – 1 hr drama – Temple Street
Club Fed – 1/2 hr comedy – Georgian
In Search of Gordon Lightfoot – 1/2 hr comedy Georgian  (both these projects rcvd OMDC SCI Funding for Stage 1 Development)
Jensen 5 – 1/2 hr kids Shaftesbury
The Soccer Show – 1/2 hr kids Shaftesbury
The Break – Feature Film
Stroller Mafia – 1 hr drama
Dow Jones – 1 hr drama
Canadian Film Centre – -1994-95 – -Completed the Writing and Directing Curriculum
Gastown Actors Studio – – Mel Tuck

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