Represented by: Emma Laird


^The Shape of Home Director Crows Theatre & County Stage Company
The Riverboat Coffee House Director Soulpepper Theatre Company
Fool For Love Director Soulpepper Theatre Company
Romeo and Juliet Director Canadian Stage
A Movable Feast Director Soulpepper (concert series)
Waiting for Godot Assistant Director Soulpepper; Dir: Daniel Brooks
*/**Other Jesus Director Public Recordings / FTA/ Tarragon Theatre
The Secret Chord Director Soulpepper (concert series)
The Riverboat Café Director Soulpepper (concert series)
True North Director and Co-Writer Soulpepper, and Signature Theatre (off-Broadway)
True Patriot Love Director Soulpepper (concert series)
**The Just Director Soulpepper Theatre
***Ajax & Little Iliad Director and Co-Creator Various
The Big Easy Director Soulpepper (concert series)
Antigone Dead People Associate Director Small Wooden Shoe; Dir: Jacob Zimmer
Tricks Director and Co-Creator Soulpepper Academy Studio
****Little Iliad Director Various
One Year After Director Toronto Free Gallery
Two Modern Feelings Director Various
^ 2023 Dora Award, Outstanding Musical Direction
* Nominated for 6 Dora Awards, including Outstanding Direction

** Nominated for My Entertainment Award for Outstanding Direction

*** Nominated for Dora Award, New Play
****Nominated for Dublin Outstanding Production
The Shape of Home Performer Crows Theatre; Dir: Frank Cox-O’Connell
The Riverboat Coffee House Performer Soulpepper; Dir: Frank Cox-O’Connell
Hand to God Jason/Tyrone Coalmine Theatre; Dir: Mitchell Cushman
Wedding at Aulis Menelaus Soulpepper; Dir: Alan Dilworth
**Idomeneus Young Man Soulpepper; Dir: Alan Dilworth
Picture This Konig Soulpepper; Dir: Morris Panych
Millennial Malcontent Charm Tarragon; Dir: Peter Hinton
***Hamlet Hamlet CanStage; Dir: Brigit Schreyer Duarte
All’s Well That Ends Well Dumain CanStage; Dir: Ted Witzel
**Other Jesus Ensemble Public Recordings/FTA; Dir: Frank Cox-O’Connell
**Marat/Sade Jacques Roux Soulpepper; Dir: Albert Schultz
Hedda Gabler George Tesman CanStage/Necessary Angel; Dir: Jennifer Tarver
****Spoon River Various Soulpepper; Dir. Albert Schultz
Antigone: Dead People Polynixes Dracom/Soundlive Tokyo; Dir. Jacob Zimmer
Thirst of Hearts Andrei Soulpepper; Dir: Guillermo Verdecchia
The Crucible Herrick Soulpepper; Dir: Albert Schultz
Tartuffe Laurent Soulpepper; Dir: Lazslo Marton
****What We Are Saying Company Public Recordings; Dir: Ame Henderson
Ajax & Little Iliad Thom World Stage/Banff/Cork Midsummer
Antigone Haemon Small Wooden Shoe; Dir: Jacob Zimmer
Barrel Crank Carlisle Graham Suitcase in Point; Dir: Rose Plotek
The Mill, Part 4: Ash Rabbit Theatrefront; Dir: Vikki Anderson
300 Tapes Company Alberta Theatre Projects; Dir: Ame Henderson
Ivanov The Party Guest Lake Lucille, NY; Dir: Brian Mertes
The Mill, Part 3: The Woods Frere Theatrefront; Dir: Sarah Stanley
The Epic of Gilgamesh Gilgamesh Groundwater; Dir: Gideon Arthurs
Dedicated to The Revolutions Frank Buddies in Bad Times; Dir: Jacob Zimmer
Of All The People In All The World Counter Stans Café UK/World Stage; Dir: James Yarker
Shakuntala Vidusaka Pleiades/World Stage; Dir: Charles Roy
The Drawer Boy Miles Farnham Maltings (UK); Dir: Gavin Stride
Sanctuary Song Ringmaster Luminato/Tapestry Opera; Dir: Lynda Hill
(Never Underestimate) The Power Older Brother One Reed; Dir: Paul Thompson
Wake Shane Exclamation; Dir: Kelly Straughan
The Drawer Boy Miles Theatre Passe Muraille; Dir: Ruth Madoc-Jones
I Keep Dropping Sh*t Frank Small Wooden Shoe; Dir: Jacob Zimmer
Bach At Leipzig Steindorff Theatre Athena; Dir: Alison Grant
Connect The Dots Frank Buddies in Bad Times; Dir: Jacob Zimmer
It’s Hard to Count to a Million Alan Turing One Reed Theatre; Dir: Ame Henderson
Have I None? Grit Theatre Centre; Dir: Phillip McKee
*The Demonstration Jason Ryan Theatre Direct; Dir: Mark Cassidy
***** Nor The Cavaliers… Alfred One Reed Theatre; Dir: Daniel Mroz
*****Spotlight Award for Performance ****Dora Award for Performance ***My Entertainment Award Nomination
**Dora Nomination for Performance *Jessica Frazer Award  

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