Haui Davis

Represented by: Hollis Brunt


ACTRA/CAEA              HAIR: BROWN            EYES: GREEN                   VOICE: BARITENOR         
MixedUp Lead Mixed Up Pictures Inc./Jack Fox Media/Haui Davis
The Light Actor Alexander Saint
Ghost BFF Actor Babe Nation Creations; Dir: Lindsay MacKay
Tick Tock Actor Tick Tock Studios; Dir: Morgan I.P. Fics
Lessons From Our Daughter Principal Toddler Productions; Dir: Emily Nixon
Downsizing Actor Paramount Pictures; Dir: Alexander Payne
12 Monkeys Actor Universal/SyFy; Dir: Magnus Martens
Exordium Pacem Lead Revolve Productions; Dir: Eli Andreas
Shakespeare Shorts Lead Davis Original Company
Something In His Eyes/TMN Reelside Lead Fifth Ground Ent.; Dir: G.A. Romero & P. Riccio
Run Lead Jing Films; Dir: Jeffrey Ling
Big Ben Lead GM90 Productions; Dir: Galen Manuel
Beast of The Bottomless Lake Actor Provost Pictures; Dir: Craig March
Lost Treasure of The Grand Canyon Actor Front Street Pictures/Starz Media; Dir: F. Mann
Anthony And Cleopatra (Zoom) Various Ghost Light; Dir: Alison Wong
Measure For Measure (Zoom) Lucio Shakespeare Company; Dir: Peter Hinton
Three Sisters (Reading) Onyinyechukwu Dirs: Ruthie Knut & Ilua Ellams
The Color Purple Male Swing Neptune Theatre; Dir: Kimberly Rampersad
I Call Myself Princess Alex Cahoots/Native Earth/Paper Canoe; Dir: M. Chan
Much Ado About Nothing Comrade Secret Shakespeare; Dir: Sarah Phillips
100 Outside Voices 79/100 Outside The March; Dir: Vanessa Smyth
The Tempest Stephano Confidential Shakespeare; Dir: Erika Downie
Days of Awe (Workshop) Mussolini/Modigliani Theatre-A-Go-Go; Sir: Caroline Azar
Bombay Black* Kamal Factory Theatre; Dir: Peter Hinton
Pygmalion Taxi Driver/Londoner Shaw Festival; Dir: Peter Hinton
Sweet Charity Male Ensemble Shaw Festival; Dir: Morris Panych
If Graveyards Were Forests If I Believe Coffeehouse Theatre; Dir: Evan Karkai
Guys and Dolls Sky Masterson First Act Productions; Dir: Lorraine Kimsa
The Wedding Singer Glen Guglia Hart House; Dir: Luke Brown
Passion Play** Passion Player Outside The March/Convergence/Sheel No Wool
Sanctuary Dancer New Voices Festival; Dir: Rebecca Sadowski
The Piper Mayor Pops Ryerson Theatre School; Dir: Stewart Arnott
Summerfolk Dvoetochie Ryerson Theatre School; Dir: Dean Gilmour
How to Succeed in Business Mr. Twimble Ryerson Theatre School; Dir: Allen Cole
A Chaste Maid in Cheapside Walter Whorehound Ryerson Theatre School; Dir: Cynthia Ashperger
The Bundle Soldier Edward Bond Festival; Dir: Alan Dilworth
Clown Clown Ryerson Theatre School; Dir: Leah Cherniak
High Life Bug Ryerson Theatre School; Dir: Diana Reis
Romeo and Juliet Friar Lawrence Ryerson Theatre School; Dir: Ian Watson
Blood Brothers Rocco Ryerson Theatre School; Dir: Marianne McIsaac
*Dora Award Nominee, Best Production, 2016    
**Dora Award Winner, Outstanding Ensemble, 2014    
September Song Voice Eve Egoyan/Heather Nichol
Freedom: A Mixtape Voice Suitcase In Point
She’s No Lady (Cast Recording) Blackbeard David Warrick
Shaw Festival Mandate Intensive – 2015 Jackie Maxwell, Jim Mezon, Eda Holmes, Peter Hinton, Graeme Somerville
Ryerson Theatre School – Acting Program Cynthia Ashperger, Perry Schneidermann, Sheldon Rose
Acting for Camera David Rotenberg, Lewis Baumander, Phillip Charles Mackenzie USPA UCLA
Combat Steve Wilsher, Ed Monaghan USPA UCLA
Dance Wicki St. Denys, Arsenio Anrade, Robb Card, Dorothy Colebom UK
Musical Theatre Stelio Calagias, Missoula Children’s Theatre USA
Singing Carol Forte, Paul Sportelli, David Dunbar, Brian Brophy, Heidi Hewitt
Voice J. Chambers, A. Langham, S. Shippobotham, J. Pearson, I. Pauzer
Dialects: Standard RP British (Native), All British Regional Accents, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Standard American, Australian.
Other: Art, Dance, (Ballet, Tap, Jazz), Weight Training (CrossFit), Modeling, Horseback Riding, Piano, Guitar, Drums, Self Defense, Drives Automatic

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