Alison Duke

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Alison Duke, Co-founder of OYA Media Group, is a multifaceted Canadian Screen award-winning talent.

Alison produced and co-wrote Mr. Jane and Finch, the CBC POV television documentary about Winston LaRose, an 80-year-old activist named. The film won two 2020 Canadian Screen Awards – The Donald Brittain Award for best social-political documentary and best documentary writing. The same year Alison directed Cool Black North, a 2-hour television documentary special for City TV, which went on to screen in over a dozen US film festivals and is now available on Rogers on Demand and Apple TV.

Alison made her dramatic debut with the powerful short film Promise Me, which has now been screened at over 30 festivals and earned numerous awards, including two Golden Sheafs for best direction and best-scripted for fiction in the 2021 Yorkton film festival. She then directed The Prescription episode for Obsidian Theater’s 21 Black Futures series on CBC Gem to fantastic reviews.

In 2021, Alison helmed a Heritage Minute spot for Historica Canada about Chloe Cooley, which has gone viral since premiering in February 2022. In doing so, she became the first Black woman to direct a Heritage Minute.

Alison exec produced Blue Ant Media’s 3-part docu-series Evil By Design: Surviving Nygard for CBC Docs, which earned her a Canadian Screen Award Nomination for Best History Documentary or Series in 2023. She’s currently in post on a feature music doc she directed, Bam Bam: The Story of Sister Nancy for CRAVE. And she recently wrapped her doc series Black Community Mixtapes which she produced and directed with Ngardy Conteh-George. Over her career, she has produced and directed works that have also aired on numerous networks and streaming services such as Netflix, ITVS, Sundance Channel, Superchannel, BET, Much Music, and TVO.

Always one to give back, she co-founded the OYA Emerging Filmmakers program, a 5-year initiative to accelerate the careers of Black youth who are graduates of post-secondary film, video and digital media programs in the Canadian entertainment industry. Being Black in Toronto, a series produced in this programwon the 2021 Canadian Screen Award for Best Direction in a Documentary Series.




Title: Bam Bam: The Story of Sister Nancy (2024)
Role: Writer/Director/Producer

Description: Feature Documentary
Production: Bell/Crave


Title: Paid in Full: The Battle for Payback (2024)
Role: Director
Description: 3-part Doc Series
Production: Green Door Pictures; Supercollider; Catalyst
Platform: BBC, CBC


Title: Any Other Way: The Jackie Shane Story (2024)
Role: Creative Consultant
Description: Feature Doc
Production: Banger Films


Title: Black Community Mixtapes (2023)
Role: Writer/Director/Producer

Description: 5 x 22 min Doc Series


Title: Evil By Design (2022)
Role: Executive Producer
Description: Doc Series
Production: Blue Ant Media
Platform: CBC, Starz


Title: The Prescription (2021)
Role: Director
Descriptions: Short Film
Production: Obsidian Theatre’s ‘21 
Black Futures’ series for CBC Gem


Title: Promise Me (2020)
Role: Writer/Director
Description: 1⁄2 hour drama
Production: Oya Media Group


Title: Mr Jane and Finch (2019)
Role: Co- Writer/Co-Producer Description: TV hour independent documentary 
Production: Oya Media Group/CBCDocs POV
Platform: CBC Gem, Facebook, YouTube


Title: Cool Black North (2019)
Role: Director
Description: 2-hour TV special
Production: Maple Rock Media/Rogers/City TV
Platform: CityTV / ROD


Title: Changing Seasons (2016)
Role: Director/writer/producer
Description: 1⁄2 hr documentary
Production: Goldelox


Title: The Akua Benjamin Legacy Film Project (2016)
Role: Executive Producer/Researcher
Description: short documentary series (5 films)
Production: Goldelox Production/Ryerson University
Platform: Online Ed Portal, Vimeo


Title: Consent (2015)
Role: Director/Producer
Description: 1⁄2-hour documentary
Production: The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network/Ontario Gov.


Title: Through A Lens Darkly: Black Photography and the emergence of a people (2014)
Role: Canadian Producer
Description: Feature Arts and Culture Documentary
Production: Chimpanzee Production/PBS/ITVS
Platform: Kanopy


Title: Sex, Criminalization, HIV and the Law (2013)
Role: Producer/Director/Editor/Graphic Artist
Description/genre of artistic work: 4 X 5mins PSAs (version French & English)
Production: The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network/Goldelox



Title: Women on the Move (2013)
Role: Writer/Director/Producer
Description: 35 min Doc & 3 x 5mins web docs
Production Company: The Redwood: safe haven for abused women and their children


Title: The Reel West Side Story (2013)
Role: Writer (Treatment)
Description: 6 X 1 hour scripted reality series
Production: Marble Media/ Valerie Connelly


Title: Positive Women: exposing violence (2012)
Role: Producer/Director
Description of work: 45 min Documentary
Production: Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network/Goldelox


Title: A Love Supreme (2011)
Role: Producer
Description of work: 20 min Short
Production: Bruce McDonald/Shadow Shows


Title: My Joan of Arc aka Ma Jeanne d’Arc (2011)
Role: Associate Producer
Description: Feature Documentary
Production: Bruce McDonald/Dany Chiasson/Shadow Shows


Title: The Batty Boy’s Revenge (2010) 

Role: Director/Writer/Editor

Description: Music Video

Production: Human Positive Records/Goldelox


Title: Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home (2008)

Role: Producer

Description: Feature Documentary

Production: Take Action Films/TVO/CBC

Platform: YouTube, Google Play (Pay Per View)


Title: The Vent (2008) 

Role: Director

Description: Variety/Comedy Series, 6 X 30mins

Production: A Sweet little Production/Out TV


Title: The Woman I Have Become (2007) 

Role: Director /Writer

Description: 45 minute Documentary

Production Partners: Women’s Health in Women’s Hand CHC


Title: Traditions and Transitions (2007)

Role: Director/Writer

Description: 1⁄2 hr Documentary

Production: Women’s Intercultural Network/Status of Women/Goldelox


Title: Skin Deep (2003-2005) 

Role: Field Director

Description: 1⁄2 hour weekly Reality TV program

Production: Inner City Films/Life Network


Title: A Deathly Silence (2003) 

Role: Director

Description: 1-hour documentary for public television network

Production: YAP/Elliot Halpern/ Nataline Rodrigues/CBC Witness and Newsworld


Title: Sex TV: the series, (2001-2003) 

Role: Segment Producer

Description 1⁄2 -hour weekly Documentary series

Production: CHUM Television



Festival du Nouveux Cinema, QB, Canada – Promise Me DC Black Film Festival, DC, USA – Cool Black North 

International PanAfrican Black Film Festival du Cannes, Cannes, France selected –Promise Me 

Short Film Factory – Promise Me 

Columbus Black Film Festival Columbus USA – Promise Me BronzeLens Film Festival Atlanta, GA selected–Promise Me 

Las Vegas Black Film Festival Las Vegas, USA, Aug.t 6 – Promise Me Charlotte Black Film Festival Charlotte, NC June 23 (Cool Black North) Morehouse College Human Rights Film Fest., Atlanta, GA, Feb 26 (MJNF) Afro Prairie Film Festival Winnipeg, MB, Feb. 23 –Promise Me Nunavut Black Historical Society Nunavut (MJNF)



Montreal Black Film Festival, Montreal, QC, Aug 29, Being Black in Toronto (BBIT)

Rogers Inclusive Film Festival Ottawa, ON Rogers Network – Sept. 19 – Cool Black North (CBN)

Bronze Lens Atlanta Film Festival Atlanta, GA Aug 24 (MrJnF) Black Star Philadelphia, PA – Aug. 2 (MJNF) 

Yorkton Film Festival Yorkton, SA May 25, (MrJnF)

CBCDocs POV – Television Premiere – Feb. 23 (MJNF) 

Toronto Black Film Festival Toronto, ON Feb. 23 – Mr. Jane and Finch (MrJnF)



Caribbean Tales Film Festival – Royal Cinema, Toronto, ON Sept. 19 The Akua Benjamin Legacy Project: celebrating 50 years of black activism in Canada (TABLP) Winner – Best Canadian Presentation Eastern Edge Gallery, New-Found-Land Group exhibition St. John’s, NFLD Reflections of Wata (RAW) 

Ryerson University (Toronto, ON) Feb. 9 (TABLP) 

Cooper Union Frederick P. Rose Auditorium. (New York, NYC) June 6 (Consent) 

Artspace (Peterborough, ON) June 1(Consent) 

University of Alabama HIV is not a Crime Conference (Huntsville, AB) May 17(Consent) 

Dreamland Art Studio (Buffalo, NY) March 25 (Consent) 

Cinema de Sève Concordia University (Montréal, QC) Feb 18,(Consent) 

St Paul’s University (Ottawa, ON) Feb 17 (Consent) 

Eckhardt Gramatte Hall (Winnipeg. MB) Jan 28 (Consent) 2015 Pavillon Judith Jasmin Annexe (JE), Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) (Montréal, QC): Dec 1(Consent) 

Contemporary Visual Culture (Edmonton, AB) Dec (Consent) HIV Outrage Justice Film Festival (Melbourne, Australia) Nov 28 (Consent) 

Jackman Hall, Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto, ON) Nov 26 Fletcher Challenge Theatre (Vancouver, Canada) Oct 22 (Consent) Open House African Canadian artist group exhibition (Toronto, ON) Sept 6-13th, (Fisha-man – photographic installation)



Doris McCarthy Gallery Scarborough, ON Oct 28 (PWEI) International AIDS Conference Sydney, Australia, July Positive Women: Exposing Injustice (PWEI) 

Inside Out (Toronto, ON) June Through a Lens Darkly (TALD) Museum of Modern Art (NYC, USA) Feb 28 (TALD) 

PBS (USA) Television Premiere Feb 16 (TALD) 

Santa Barbara Film Festival (Santa Barbara, CA) Feb 4 (TALD) Berlin Film Festival (Berlin, Germany) Feb (TALD) 

Sundance (Park City, USA) Jan 17 Digital Diaspora TALD digital platform)


Landmark EC Street Cinema, (Washington, USA) Dec(PWEI) ETR TV (Greece) Dec (PWEI) 

PWN Co, (Denver, CO) Oct (PWEI) 

PWN New Orleans (New Orleans, USA) Sept (PWEI) 

Roxie Theatre, (San Francisco, CA) Sept (PWEI) 

Broadway Cares, (NYC,New York) March (PWEI) 

Isabel Bader Theatre, World Premiere (Toronto, ON )March – Women on the Move (WOTM) 

York University, “Social Action for Social Change” School of Social Work (Toronto, ON) Jan (PWEI) 

College Boreal, (Toronto, ON) Jan (PWEI) 

Alberta Community Council on HIV/AIDS, “Social Action for Social Change” School of Social Work (Toronto, ON) Jan 2013 (PWEI)



World AIDS Day, AIDS Network Kootenay, (Vancouver, BC) Dec (PWEI) CANAC Western Canadian HIV Nursing Symposium ACIIS, Hosted by 3rd All Nations Hope AIDS (PWEI) 

Network and HIV/HCV Nursing Education (Regina, AB) Nov (PWEI) University of Concordia, COCQ-SIDA (Montreal, QC) Nov (PWEI) 

University of New Brunswick St. Johns, Institute of Urban Studies Co-sponsored with OAHAS and the HIV/AIDS Regional Services (St. John, NFLD) Nov (PWEI) 

OHTN Research Conference, (Toronto ON) Nov (PWEI) 

Queen’s University, Feminist Law Students’ Ass, (Kingston, ON) Oct (PWEI) Tiff Bell Lightbox, (Toronto, ON) Sept My Joan of Arc (MJOA) XIX International AIDS Conference, Canada Exhibit (Washington, DC, July (PWEI) 

Signy & Cléophée Eaton Theatre, ROM (Toronto. Canada) (PWEI) Annual CANAC Conference, (Victoria BC), May (PWEI) 

Université de Montréal, Les femmes, le VIH et l’injustice du droit” Salon des professeurs, Pavillon Maximilien-Caron, Faculté de droit (Montreal, QC) March (PWEI) 

Canadian AIDS Institute, (Ottawa, ON) Feb (PWEI) 

Rainbow Health Ontario National Conference, (Ottawa, ON) March In Search of a Word (ISOFAW) 

Ryerson University, “Centre for Research in Critical Social in Action” (Toronto, ON) Oct (ISOFAW) 

Jackman Hall, AGO, LIFT 30th Anniversary (Toronto, ON) Jan (ISOFAW) Caribbean Tales Film Festival (Toronto, ON) Batty Boys Revenge (BBR)



North Carolina LGBT Film Festival, (Durham, NC) (BBR) 

International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, (Amsterdam, Holland) Nov (MJOA) 

Tiff Bell Lightbox, Wedge Gallery Presents (Toronto, ON)(BBR) Cinefranco Film Festival World Premiere, (Toronto, ON) April (MJOA)2010 

Kingston LGBT Film Festival, (Toronto, ON) (BBR) 

Regent Park Film Festival, (Toronto, ON)(BBR) IMAGE+ nation, (Montreal, QC) (BBR) 

Inside OUT Film Festival, (Toronto, ON) (BBR) AGO, (Toronto, ON)(BBR)



UNAIDS Conference, (Geneva, Switzerland) The Woman I Have Become (TWIHB) 

CINEMAMBIENTE Environment Fest, (Italy) Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home (GTRSAH) 

DOCSDF International Documentary Film Festival, (Mexico(GTRSAH) Pepena Film Festival, (Mexico) (GTRSAH) 

Guangzhou GZ Doc Film Festival, (China) (GTRSAH) 

EcoKnights Environmental Film Festival, (Malaysia)(GTRSAH) Gimli Film Festival, (AB, MB) (GTRSAH) 

New Kingston Film Festival, (Kingston, ON) (GTRSAH) 

United Nations Association Film Festival, (Palo Alto, USA) (GTRSAH)



Evil by Design

2023 Canadian Screen Award Nominee: Best History Documentary or Series


Being Black in Toronto 

2021 Canadian Screen Award: Best Direction in a documentary Series (OYA Emerging Filmmakers Program Participants)

Mr Jane and Finch 

2020 Canadian Screen Award Winner: Donald Brittain best social political documentary award

2020 Canadian Screen Award Winner: best documentary Writing 2020 Canadian Cinema Editors Awards Nomination: Best Short Documentary Editing 2019 Yorkton FIlm Festival Nomination: Golden Sheaf Award

Promise Me 

2021 Yorkton Film Festival – Winner- Directing Fiction 2021 Yorkton Film Festival – Winner – Scripted

2021Yorkton Film Festival – Nomination Golden Sheaf Award 2020 Columbus Black Film Festival – Best Short Film 2020 Int. PanAfrican Black Film Festival du Cannes Finalist 2020 AfroPrairie Winston W. Moxam Award – Best Canadian Short 2020 Short Film Factory – Best Short Winner

Personal recognition 

2019 ByBlacks 2019 People’s Choice Award: Film Director 2019 WIFT-T Crystal Award winner Mentorship

The Akua Benjamin Legacy Project 

2016 Caribbean Tales Film Festival – Series Best Canadian Doc

Through A Lens Darkly 

2016 Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Arts and Culture documentary

2015 NAACP Image Award Winner – Outstanding Documentary, 10th Annual African Academy Awards Best Diaspora Documentary,

2015 American Library Association Awards, Notable Videos for Adults,

2014 Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Batty Boyz Revenge 

2013 Right OUT TV Fan Fave

Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home 

2009 CINEMAMBIENTE, Special Mention

2009 Göteborg International Film Fest Best Doc Award VII URBAN-TV International Television Fest Special Award

Sisters in Cinema                             

2004 Denver Pan African Film Fest, Renaissance Award 2004 African Diaspora Film Fest, Audience Award 2004 Philadelphia GLBT Film Fest, Best Doc Award,

Raisin’ Kane: a rapumentary

2001 Urbanworld Film Festival, HBO Award for Best Doc 2001 Reel World Film Festival, Best Canadian Doc



Mr.Jane and Finch (digital extras) Archiving Mr.LaRose – on CBC Gem

Cool Black North (Rogers on Demand)

Akua Benjamin Legacy Project (educational portal) Ryerson University

Through the Lens Darkly: Black photography and the emergence of a people (2014)

Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home (2007) pay per view – 0License)%20%2D%20%24249-,Garbage!,environmental%20predators%20of%20our%20ti me.



Masters of Fine Arts, York University Completed Master of Fine Arts in film production in 2020 Thesis film and paper, SSHRC Academic Graduate Scholarship Award Crocker–Hunkin Graduate Scholarship

Nominated for Presidents Faculty of Graduate Studies Award

Masters of Human Kinetics, University of Windsor

Completed a Masters degree in Kinesiology in 1991

Specialized in biomechanics, ergonomic, physiology.



Directors Guild of Canada (DGC)

Women in Film and Television – Toronto (WIFT-T)

Documentary Organization of Ontario (DOC)



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