Rhys Fulton-Doyle

Represented by: Kish Iqbal


LITTLE EYLOF Eyolf Canadian Stage; Dir: Estelle Shook
A CHRISTMAS CAROL Peter Cratchit Soulpepper; Dir: Michael Shamata
KING PERSEUS Acresius Waldorf Academy, Toronto
EMPEROR WITH NO CLOTHES Emperor Waldorf Academy, Toronto
TWO GENTLEMAN OF VERONA Proteus Walden School of Pasadena, Shakespeare Program, Pasadena
T-Mobile Dir: Errol Morris
Rhys Fulton-Doyle grew up between Los Angeles and Toronto with two prominent actors as parents and gained an appreciation for performance at an early age. He has performed on professional stages and appeared in a national commercial for T-Mobile.  Rhys is a film major at ESA, and enjoys Skateboarding and visual arts in his free time.

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