Natasha Greenblatt

Represented by: Emma Laird


Height: 5’5              Hair: Brown                Eyes: Brown                      ACTRA/EQUITY


Murdoch Mysteries Featured CBC/Shaftesbury; Dir: Leslie Hope
The Plateaus Featured The Plateaus Prod Inc
Flush Lead Thunderbox; Dir: M. Jacobson
Bomb Girls: The Movie Supporting Lead Muse/Shaw; Dir: Jerry Ciccoritti
Nikita Featured CW/Warner Bros TV; Dir: Dwight Little
Bomb Girls Series Regular Muse Ent/Global; Dir. A. Mitchell/Various
Freeport, Texas Featured CFC; Dir: Carolyn Combs
Sheltered Life Featured Cineman Films Inc.; Dir: Carl Lauden
Sibs Featured Sienna Films; Dir: Laurie Lynd
Ta Voix Dans La Nuit Featured Mediatique; Dir: Brigitte Berman
Foxy Lady, Wild Cherry Lead Wild Cherry Prods.; Dir Ines Buchli
The Best Day of My Life Lead Tangled Prods.; Dir: Sarah Polley
Blue Moon Featured CBS; Prod: Wendy Williams
Mind Prey Featured Pebblehut Prods.; Prod; Eriq LaSalle
This Matter of Marriage Featured Alliance Ent; Prod: Jennifer Black
Girl in the Goldfish Bowl Iris Theatre North West
Anne of Green Gables Prissy Charlottetown Festival
Alice Through the Looking Glass Alice Charlottetown Festival
Stuff Happens As Cast NAC; Dir: David Ferry
The Importance of Being Earnest Cecily Cardew NAC; Dir: Ted Dykstra
Alice Through the Looking Glass Alice NAC; Dir: Jillian Keiley
The Neverending Story Bastian Roseneath Theatre; Dir: David S. Craig
The Railway Children Roberta Mirvish Productions; Dir: Damian Cruden
Get Yourself Home Skyler James Skyler James Roseneath; Dir: Alisa Palmer
The Diary of Anne Frank Anne Theatre Aquarius; Dir: Marcia Kash
The Diary of Anne Frank Anne Segal Theatre; Dir: Marcia Kash
One Flea Spare Morse Nightwood Theatre; Alisa Palmer
Ragtime (Workshop) Little Girl LiveEnt; Prod: Garth Drabinsky
Macbeth Fleance, Ensemble YPT; Dir: Maja Ardal
The Jail Show Spike AKA Drama; Dir: Jill Frappier
How Summer Came to Canada Coolskap Alpha School; Dir: Kate Lushington
She Said Destroy Rosa NTS; Dir: Arianna Bardesono
The Suicide Serafima NTS; Dir: Alexandre Marine
The Cherry Orchard Anya NTS; Dir: Jason Byrne
A Doll’s House Nora Helmer NTS; Dir: Rosemary Dunsmore
The Three Sisters Irena NTS; Dir: Rosemary Dunsmore
We Lived In A Palace Writer/Performer NTS; Dir: Leah Cherniak
Top Girls Pope Joan NTS; Dir: Jason Byrne
The Duchess of Malfi Duchess NTS; Dir: Jason Byrne
Oedipus Bowl NTS; Dir: Sarah Stanley
Romeo and Juliet Juliet NTS; Dir: Nancy Palk
A Letter to Jean Chretien Food For Chiapas Benefit MC: Gary Farmer
Piano (Grade 8 Royal Conservatory), Choral Singing, Gumboot Dancing
Music, Writing, Collective Creation, Photography, Swimming, Yoga, Canoe Tripping, Ice Hockey

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