Richard Greenblatt

Represented by: Pam Winter


Height: 5’9″                      Weight: 165 lbs.                      Eyes: Hazel                Hair: Brown                 ACTRA/CAEA


Pals, Or Scenes From A Friendship R Winnipeg Jewish Theatre; Dir: Jillian Keiley
I Call Myself Princess Cadman Globe Theatre
Best of Words and Music Richard Art of Time Ensemble
2Pianos, 4 Hands Writer/Performer Chemainus Theatre Festival
The Circle of  Creation Narrator Tafelmusik; Dir: Jeanne Lamon
The Waiting Room Director Tarragon Theatre
Tainted Greg Steele Moyo Theatre; Dir: Nikki Anderson
2 Pianos, 4 Hands Writer/Performer Marquis Ent.; Dirs: R. Greenblatt, T. Dykstra
The Cavan Blazers Patrick Maguire 4th Line Theatre; Dir: Robert Winslow
Yichud Morcechai Blitzer Theatre Passe Muraille; Dirs: R. Greenblatt, A. Willis
The Mill Milt/Archaeologist Theatrefront; Dir: Various
Bedbound Father MacKenzieRo; Dir: Autumn Smith
The Last Days of Judas Iscariot St. Thomas, Freud, Uncle Pino Birdland Theatre; Dir: David Ferry
Care Steve/Writer Tarragon Theatre; Dir: Eda Holmes
Letters from Lehrer The Actor/Writer CanStage; Dir: Ross Manson
For The Pleasure of Seeing Her Again Son Theatre Aquarius; Dir: Miles Potter
Adam Baum and the Jew Movie Sam Baum Canadian Stage Company
La Passagere Maurice Ford Center/ NAC; Dir: Claude Guilman
Antigone Creon Red, Red Rose Theatre; Dir: S. Phillips
Sibs He Tarragon Theatre; Dir: Alisa Palmer
Criminal Genius Rolly Factory Theatre; Dir: George F . Walker
**2 Pianos, 4 Hands Writer/Performer Promenade, NYC/Kennedy Centre/Birmingham Rep/Tarragon/Canada Tour 1997-8
Trip’s Cinch Trip Fringe of Toronto; Dir: P. Eddedden
Beethoven Lives Upstairs Uncle Children’s Group
Fire! Cale Arbor Theatre; Dir: Brian Richmond
So You Think You’re Mozart Mozart St. Lawrence Centre; Dir: Peter Moss
Theory of Relatives Company Tarragon Theatre
Resistance 500 Ensemble Hour Co./Theatre Passe Muraille
*God Almighty’s 2nd.Class Saloon (A Brecht Weill Cabaret) Ensemble Factory Theatre Cafe; Dir: Hamish McEwan
Possible Worlds George Canadian Stage; Dir: Peter Hinton
Comedy of Errors Duke/Balthazar Canadian Stage; Dir: P.Hinton/G.Sprung ’89
Love and Anger Petie Maxwell (u/s) Canadian Stage; Dir: George F.Walker
Cue For Treason Bob/Tom YPT; Dir: Peter Moss
Soft Pedalling Solo Show Nat’l Tour/Adelaide Crt.; Dir: K. Lushington
Riddle of the World Ron Centaur Theatre; Dir: H. Tarvainen
Spinoza Spinoza Saidye Bronfman Ctr; Dir: Per Brask
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Puck NAC; Dir: B. MacDonald
Dracula Renfield YPT; Dir: Peter Moss
Hamlet Horatio National Arts Centre; Dir: John Wood
William Schenck & Arthur Who Sullivan National Arts Centre; Dir: John Wood
Camino Real Abdullah National Arts Centre; Dir: John Wood
Troilus & Cressida Aeneas National Arts Centre; Dir: John Wood
Floating World Waiter National Arts Centre; Dir: John Wood
The Dream Play Voice Tarragon Theatre; Dir: B. Glassco
Scapin Scapin Neptune Theatre; Dir: John Wood
Equus Alan Strang Neptune Theatre; Dir: John Wood
King Lear The Fool Neptune Theatre; Dir: John Wood
The Night Thoreau…Jail Thoreau Globe Theatre; Dir: Ken Kramer
St.Joan Bluebeard/D’Estivet Leeds Playhouse, Leeds, England
**Dora Mavor Moore Award – BEST PRODUCTION – 1996
*Dora Mavor Moore Award 1992
Our Fathers Principal Showtime; Dir: Dan Curtis
SIBS Lead CBC; Dir: Laurie Lynd
Listen Missy Principal W Network; Dir: Michael Kennedy
Blue Murder Guest Global; Dir: Steve Di Marco
Stardom Jeremy Reed Serendipity Films; Dir: Denys Arcand
P.R. Kenny Sullivan/CBC
Boogie’s Diner Rommel (Guest Lead) Family Channel/MTM; Dir: Lee Bernardi
Street Legal (Tango Bella Rosa) Weir CBC-TV; Dir: Randy Bradshaw
Grierson Alf CBC-TV; Dir: Martin Kinch
Home Fires (Wages of War) Danny (Guest Lead) CBC-TV; Dir: Bill Hayes
The Great Detective Findlayson CBC-TV; Dir: George Bloomfield
Shadow Dancing Principal Flat Iron Films; Dir: Lewis Furey
Bells Principal Coco Films; Dir: Michael Anderson
Ticket to Heaven Cleancut Stalkers Prods.; Dir: Ralph Thomas
The Hunter Lead Gatineau Prods.; Dir: Peter Lauterman
Commercials, Narration
Directing, Piano, Most Accents
R.A.D.A. 1972 – 1974


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