Dylan Hawco

Represented by: Kish Iqbal


Vocal Range: Bass           Height: 6’0            Weight: 180 lbs               Eyes: Blue           Hair: Light Brown
Halo Jansen ECI/Class of 2018
The Lorax Mr. O’Hare ECI/Karen Lillie
The Wizard of Oz Lion CMPS/Ampreet Dahl
All is Fine in ‘89 Lead Westona Pictures Inc; Dir: Matthew Lupis
Crocus Supporting A Hopeful Theory; Dir: Massimo Meo
National Theatre School of Canada, Acting Program (2021-Present)
Eastwood Collegiate Institute, Integrated Performing Arts Program (2016-2020)
Drayton Entertainment PDTA Co-op Placement (Fall 2019 – Winter 2020)
Advanced Training in an Art Form: Script writing/Script analysis
Advanced Training in a Technique: Stage Combat
Advanced Training in a Technique: Rehearsal Development, Modern Theatre Techniques
Advanced Training in a Technique: Play Reading/Writing
Advanced Training in a Technique: Sanford Meisner Acting Technique, Method Acting and Acting for Film
Advanced Training in Short Film Development
Advanced Training Workshop: Neutral Mask Technique
Advanced Training Workshop: Intro to an Actors Process
Advanced Training Workshop: Shakespeare Work
Advanced Training Workshop: Improvisation
Mixed Martial Arts (BJJ/Muay Thai/Boxing), All-sports athlete, Stage Combat

Photographer/Videographer, Writing, Weight Lifting, Urban Exploration, Technology Expert

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