Jeff Ho

Represented by: Sean Miller


KIM’S CONVENIENCE Principal CBC; Dir: Ins Choi
THE HANDMAID’S TALE Actor MGM/Hulu; Dir: Jeremy Podeswa
INCORPORATED Actor CBS/Syfy; Dir: David Pastor & David Pastor
SHOOTING THE MOON (Web Series) Principal Arpent Films; Dir: Danielle Lapointe
ORPHAN BLACK Principal BBC America/Space; Dir: John Fawcett
SCARED STIFF Lead WTP Productions; Dir: Brittany Emmons
I FORGIVE YOU (Tour) Character 1 Artistic Fraud/NAC; Dir: Jillian Keiley
PRINCE HAMLET (US Tour) Ophelia WhyNot Theatre; Dir: Ravi Jain
I FORGIVE YOU Character 1 Artistic Fraud; Dir: Jillian Keiley
ORESTES Pylades Tarragon Theatre; Dir: Richard Rose
M BUTTERFLY (COVID Cancellation) Song Li Ling Soulpepper Theatre; Dir: Nina Lee Aquino
*****BOX 4901 Letter #2 Buddies in Bad Times; Dir: Rob Kempson
PRINCE HAMLET (Tour) Ophelia PuSh Festival/CanStage/NAC/Banff Centre; Dir:  Ravi Jain
CAMERA OBSCURA Paul Wong Frank Theatre; Dir: Lesley Ewen
TRACE Solo Performer/Writer Factory Theatre; Dir: Nina Lee Aquino
****PRINCE HAMLET Ophelia WhyNot Theatre; Dir: Ravi Jain
***HANA’S SUITCASE Akira Monreal/Seattle/Young People’s Theatre; Dir: A. MacInnis
**UNKNOWN SOLDIER Soldier lemontree creations; Dir: Jonathan Seinen
TEASE Ensemble Crow’s Theatre; Dir: Julie Tepperman
*MURDERERS CONFESS AT CHRISTMASTIME Boy Outside the March; Dir: Simon Bloom
THE WEIGHT Yin Siau Phat Theatre Aux Ecuries; Dir: E. Schwartz
TWELFTH NIGHT Sir Andrew Aguecheek NTS; Dir: Jason Bryne
THREE SISTERS Andrey NTS; Dir: Vikki Anderson
HUMAN CANNON Vendor NTS; Dir: Alan Dilworth
TAMING OF THE SHREW Tranio Repercussion; Dir: Andrew Shaver
MACBETH Banquo NTS; Dir: David Latham
CLOSER Alice NTS; Dir: Yael Farber
THE ARK ON FIRE Various/Oswald National Arts Centre; Dir: Peter Hinton
THE BROTHERS KARAMOZOV Ivan Karamazov NTS; Dir: Sarah Stanley
*****Nomination – Dora Mavor Moore – Outstanding Ensemble (2019)
****Nomination – Dora Mavor Moore – Outstanding Production & Ensemble (2016)
***Nomination – Dora Mavor Moore – Outstanding Ensemble (2015)
**NOW Magazine SummerWorks Best of the Fest – Outstanding Performance (2014)
**Honorable Mention – SummerWorks Spotlight Award for Performance (2014)
*Theatre Centre Emerging Artist Award (2013)
Classical Piano (Level 10), Singing, Accents (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, more), Languages (English, Cantonese, Intermediate French), Corporeal Mine Training.

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