Tanja Jacobs

Represented by: Pam Winter


Height: 5’8”                           Hair: Brown                           Eyes:  Blue                                           ACTRA/Equity


The Assembly Valerie Price Segal Centre, NAC; Dir: Chris Abraham
Man and Superman with Don Juan in Hell Susan Ramsden Shaw Festival; Dir: Kimberly Rampersad
Cyrano de Bergerac Le Bret Shaw Festival; Dir: Chris Abraham
For This Moment Alone Bertha Theatre Aquarius
Pygmalion Alfred P. Doolittle The Montgomery Theatre; Dir: D. McIntosh
Johnny Belinda Maggie The Montgomery Theatre; Dir: D. McIntosh
Happy Days Winnie Theatre Columbus; Dir: Leah Cherniak
Mother Courage and Her Children Mother Courage NAC/MTC; Dir: Peter Hinton
A Christmas Carol As Cast NAC; Dir: Peter Hinton
Happy Days Winnie NAC; Dir: Leah Cherniak
The Way Of The World Lady Wishfort Soulpepper Theatre Co.; Dir: Peter Hinton
The Blue Horse Caravan Farm Theatre; Dir: Steven Hill
The Little Years Older Kate Neptune/NAC; Dir: Leah Cherniak
The Innocent Eye Test Colleen MacAuley MTC/Mirvish Prod; Dir: Christopher Newton
Frozen Nancy Citadel Theatre; Dir: Chris Abraham
Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) Constance Festival of Classics; Dir: Michael Shamata
Hedda Gabler Juliana Volcano; Dir: Ross Manson
The Swanne: Part III Duchess of Kent/ Mrs Thornfull/

Mother Needham

Stratford Festival; Dir: Peter Hinton
Phedre Oenone Soulpepper Theatre; Dir: Daniel Brooks
Girl In The Goldfish Bowl Miss Rose Tarragon Theatre; Dir: Morris Panych
A Christmas Carol Mrs Fezziwig Soulpepper Theatre; Dir: Michael Shamata
Elisa’s Skin Elisa Tarragon Theatre; Dir: Jackie Maxwell
The Tempest Ariel CanStage: Dir: Michael Shamata
Four Lives Of Marie Marie Tarragon Theatre; Dir: Jackie Maxwell
Big Face One Woman Show Grand Theatre; Dir; Josy LaGrice
Atlantis Mircea Grand Theatre; Dir: Peter Hinton
The Diary Of Anne Frank Mrs. Van Daan Young People’s Theatre; Dir: Leah Cherniak
The Search For Signs Of Intelligence In The Universe One Woman Show Theatre New Brunswick; Dir: Michael Shamata
Abundance Macon Theatre Plus; Dir: Peter Hinton
The Queens Margaret Canadian Stage; Dir: Peter Hinton
Henry Vi Margaret Canadian Stage; Dir: Peter Hinton
Edward Iv Margaret Canadian Stage; Dir: B. Baker/P. Hinton
Richard Iii Margaret Canadian Stage; Dir: Bob Baker
Three Sisters Natasha Banff Masterclass; Dir: Laszlo Marton
Les Laisons Dangereuses Merteuil Banff Masterclass; Dir: Laszlo Marton
Seven Stories Charlotte/Joan/Nurse Wilson Tarragon Theatre; Dir: Morris Panych
The Europeans Susannah Necessary Angel; Dir: Richard Rose
The Man I Love One Woman Show Tarragon Theatre; Dir: Manfred Karge
The Possibilities Woman 2 Necessary Angel; Dir: Richard Rose
Under The Skin Maggie Theatre Passe Muraille; Dir: Susan Wright
Blood Wedding Death Banff Masterclass; Dir: Mike Alfreds
Semmelweiss Julia Showcase Conservatory; Dir: Robin Phillips
The Castle Skinner Necessary Angel; Dir: Richard Rose
Aunt Dan And Lemon Mindy Tarragon; Dir: Urjo Kareda/Andy McKim

Directing credits available upon request

Slings And Arrows Macbeth Witch Bravo!
Spinning Out Of Control Dee Dee Waters E Channel
Screech Owls (2 Eps) Mrs. Millken YTV
Loser (Feature) Principal Mom Branti Films
Powerplay (6 Eps) Sexsmith Alliance/Atlantis
A Slight Case Of Murder Principal Turner Network/Stephen Schacter
Real Kids, Real Adventures Mrs. Terry Firecorp V Productions Inc/ Karen Wookey
Traders Edna Wodabek Insider II Productions/Keith Leckie
Side Effects Guest Lead CBC/Stacey Curtis
Eric’s World Miss Trust (PP) Eric’s World Ltd.
Ready Or Not Madame Futuro Insight Productions

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