Ajuawak Kapashesit

Represented by: Pam Winter


HAPPY THANKSGIVING Lead NYU Film; Dir: Shane Mcsauby
ONCE UPON A RIVER Supporting River Run Productions; Dir: Haroula Rose
SHINAAB PT.2 Lead Wild Indian Films: Dir; L. Mitchell Corbine Jr.
INDIAN HORSE Lead Screen Siren Pictures; Dir: S. Campanelli
THE INCREDIBLE 25th YEAR OF MITZI BEARCLAW Lead Search Engine Films; Dir: Shelley Niro
INDIAN ROAD TRIP Lead Second Son Productions; Dir: Allan Hopkins
SHINAAB Featured Wild Indian Films Dir; Lyle Mitchell Corbine
AHOCKALYPSE Supporting Dir: Wayne H. Johnson
KID WEST Featured Mast Films; Dir: Jesse Mast
BAD BLOOD Guest Star Rogers/New Metric Media
OUTLANDER Guest Star Sony/Starz/Leftbank
ALMIGHTY VOICE AND HIS WIFE Almighty Voice Turtle Theatre Collective
SNEAKY Kermit Rose New Native Theatre
AN EVENING AT THE WARBONNET Brave Eagle New Native Theatre
LIMIKKIN Brewster White New Native Theatre
INDIANS AND OTHER FRIENDS Floyd Westerman New Native Theatre
ONE FEATHER Jeremy New Native Theatre


Hosting, Interviewing, Hip-Hop Dance, Rugby, Basketball, Skating, Skiing (Cross Country), Canoeing, Weightlifting, Carpentry, Horseback Riding, Archery, Fishing, Conversational Spanish


ACTING THEORY AND PERFORMANCE II Meisner Professor Harry Water Jr.

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