Dani Kind

Represented by: Adam Stutt



ACTRA        HAIR: Brown        EYES: Hazel        HEIGHT: 5’6”
DEBRA (Short) Director Canadian Film Centre
WORKIN’ MOMS Director (1 Episode) CBC
DISAPPEAR (Music Video) Director Ben Danaher, 2021
HANDS (Short) Director Small Elephant
CAPSULE (Short) Director HeydSaffer
SKYMED Guest Star Dir: Ron Murphy/CBC/Paramount
CORONER Guest Star Dir: Samir Rehem/CBC
I USED TO BE FUNNY Supporting Dir: Ally Pankiw/Barn 21 Inc.
GHOST BFF Guest Star Dir: Lindsay MacKay & Vanessa Matsui/Babe Nation
TWO DEATHS OF HENRY BAKER Supporting Dir: Felipe Mucci/Biz Productions
WYNONNA EARP Recurring Guest SyFy
WORKIN’ MOMS Series Regular CBC
BANANA SPLITS (MOW) Lead Blue ice Pictures/WB
RANSOM Guest Star Dir: Charles Officer/CBS
IN CONTEMPT Recurring Guest BET
THE LIE (Feature) Supporting Dir. Verena Sud/Blumhouse
DEARLY DEPOTTED Supporting Lead Dir. Bradley Walsh/Hallmark
THE GOOD WITCH Recurring Hallmark
12 CARDS OF CHRISTMAS Supporting Dir. Harvey Crossland/Hallmark
REMEDY Guest Star Dir. Stefan Pleszczynski/Global
THE DIVIDE Guest Star Dir. Millicent Shelton/AMC
OCTOBER GALE Principal Dir. Ruba Nadda/Killer Films
PLAYED Large Principal Dir. Jerry Ciccoritti/CTV
SAVING HOPE Guest Star Dir. TW Peacocke/NBC/CTV
HAVEN Recurring Principal Dir. Shawn Piller/SyFy/Showcase
CHRISTMAS SHARE Principal Dir. Harvey Crossland/Hallmark
CRACKED Principal Dir. Don McBrearty/CBC
THE GOOD WITCH’S FATE Large Principal Dir. Craig Pryce/Hallmark
THE L.A. COMPLEX Large Principal Dir. Stefan Brogren/CTV/MuchMusic
MURDOCH MYSTERIES Principal Dir. Laurie Lynd/Shaftesbury
PURE PWNAGE Recurring Dir. Michael Kennedy/Showcase
CARNY Principal Dir. Sheldon Wilson/SyFy
SUMMER’S BLOOD Principal Dir. Lee Demarbre/Zed Filmworks
DEAD AT SEVENTEEN Supporting Dir. Douglas Jackson/Capital Productions
CHRISTIE’S REVENGE Lead Dir. Douglas Jackson/Lance Entertainment
LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER Principal Dir. Robert Malenfant/S. V. Thrilling Movies Inc.
BLACK WIDOWER Principal Dir. Christopher Leitch/Muse Entertainment
MAID OF HONOR Principal Dir. Douglas Jackson/S.V. Thrilling Movies 4 Inc.
POSERS Principal Dir. Katie Tallo/Twist Pictures
POKEY Principal DreamWeaver Studios
THE RIVER The Other Woman Dir. Ted Dykstra/Coal Mine Theatre
LAWS OF MOTION Jolene Small Elephant Collective
THE TENASSEE WILLIAM PROJECT Nurse Fussy Red One Theatre Collective
DIVING NORMAL Dana Red One Theatre Collective/Tuning Puck Co-op
PROOF Catherine Michele Lonsdale Smith
FAT PIG Jeanne Breathing Time Productions
MODIGLIANI Beatrice Michèle Lonsdale Smith
TWO SMALL BODIES Eileen Maloney New Ottawa Repertory Theatre
BETTY’S SUMMER VACATION Betty Algonquin Productions
THE CRUCIBLE Abigail Algonquin Productions
Michèle Lonsdale Smith – Ongoing
John Riven – Meisner – Ongoing


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