George Leach

Represented by: Kish Iqbal


Height: 5′ 8″          Weight: 160 Lbs          Hair: Dark Brown     Eyes: Brown      CAEA/ACTRA
Moccasin Flats: Redemption Doyle Dir: Rob King
+Indian Summer: The Oka Crisis(Miniseries) Stone Carver CBC/Claudio Luca; Dir: Gil Cardinal
Into the West Beloved of the Buffalo Dreamworks/TNT; Exec. Prod.: Steven Spielberg
This is Wonderland Leonard Fox CBC/ Muse Prods; Dir: Anne Wheeler
*North of 60 – Distant Drumming Matthew Fowler (Lead) CBC/ Alberta Filmworks; Dir: Gary Harvey
Dreamkeeper Clatsop ABC/Hallmark; Dir: Steve Barron
North of 60 – Another Country Matthew Fowler CBC/ Alberta Filmworks; Dir: Gary Harvey
After The Harvest John Tobacco (Supporting) CTV/Alberta Filmworks; Dir: Jeremy Podeswa
PSI Factor Lucas (PP) Alliance-Atlantis; Dir: Ron Oliver
La Femme Nikita Lewis (PP) Warners TV–USA/Fireworks
The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne Saswen (PP) Filmline(Jules Verne); Dir: Tom Clegg
Pay Dirt Peter (Lead) CBC Radio; Dir: James Roy
* 2004 Best Actor Award at the American Indian Film Institute Awards
+2006 Best Actor Nomination at the American Indian Film Awards
Mortality Rene Volcano; Dir: Ross Manson
Sad But True (Wkshp) J. C. Weesagechak (Native Earth); Dir: Colin Taylor
Last of the Mohicans Uncas Cole Kitchenn (West End, London, UK); Dir: David Taylor
alterNATIVES Angel Lighthouse Festival/Bluewater Playhouse; Dir: David Ferry
alterNATIVES Angel Lighthouse/Bluewater; Dir: David Ferry
FareWel Melvin Mckay Factory Theatre; Dir: Ken Gass
Voices of Change Gooch Inner Stage Theatre; Dir: Elizabeth Szathmary
Doing The Book (Wkshp) Victor Prettywoman Cahoots Theatre Projects; Dir: David Oiye
Baby Blues Skunk Native Earth Performing Arts; Dir: Linda Hill/Pam Matthews
Toronto at Dreamer’s Rock Michael Manitoba Theatre for Young People; Dir: Herbie Barnes
I Am A Bear Bear Manitoba Theatre for Young People; Dir: Leslee Silverman
Weesagechak Featival Ensemble Native Earth; Dir: Linda Hill
Tin Soldier Goblin Centre for Indigenous Theatre; Dir: Warren Arcan
Harris Cuts Various Arts Alternative; Dir: Herbie Barnes
Dear America Various Scholastic Films; Dir: Stacey Curtis
The Chiappa Project Various Ind. Documentary; Dir: Monique Mojica
Centre for Indigenous Theatre 1995-96
Intensive Training Program/Equity Showcase/Kevin McCormick/1998
Shakespeare: Shakespeare in the Red, Winnipeg
Theatre Improvisation: Banff Centre for the Arts: Aboriginal Dance Project
Improvisation: Arts Alternative Improv.
Dance: Aboriginal Dance Project: Alejandro Ronceria
  Dance Workshop for Aboriginal Achievement Awards
Artist of The Year and Performance Artist of The Year: Lillooet Secondary School
Cd ‘ Just Where I’m At’ Released June 12, 2000. Best Male Artist Award/Best Rock Album Award – 2000 Aboriginal Music Awards
Karate (Brown Belt), Mua Thai, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Recording singer/musician

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