Steven Love

Represented by: Emma Laird


ACTRA       Height: 5’11”       Hair: Brown       Eyes: Hazel
Last The Night Principal Pageman Production; Dir: Daniel Turres
Hudson & Rex Guest Star Shaftesbury; Dir: Harvey Crossland
Carmen Supporting Lead Falkun Film Prod.; Dir: Valerie Buhagiar
Locke & Key Principal IDW Entertainment; Dir: Tim Southland
Northern Rescue Guest Star Netflix; Dir: Bradley Walsh
Honey Bee Supporting Lead Sixth Avenue Enterprises; Dir: Rama Rau
In Contempt Principal BET; Dir: Farhad Mann
Starlink Supporting Lead Ubisoft; Dir: Various
Anon Principal K5 Film; Dir: Andrew Niccol
Lead With Your Heart Supporting Lead Hallmark; Dir: Bradley Walsh
Joseph & Mary Principal Shaw Media; Dir: Roger Christian
Cheerleader Death Squad (Pilot) Recurring CW; Dir: Mark Waters
Reign Principal CW; Dir: Norma Bailey
Across The Line Supporting Lead Circle Blue Films; Dir: Director X
Backpackers Guest Star CW; Dir: Josh Levy
Solo Supporting Lead Lumanity Prods.; Dir: Isaac Cravit
What Doesn’t Kill You Principal CFC; Dir: Rob Grant
Galaxy English Host Giant And Prods; Dir: Joe Tschanz
The Secret Circle Principal CW; Dir: Charles Beeson
The Troop Guest Star Nickelodeon; Dir: Jon Rosenbaum
Jake and Jasper: A Ferret Tale Principal Jake & Jasper  Films; Dir: Alison Parker
The Range (Pilot) Series Regular Arnason Prods.; Dir: Phil Price
The Ridge Principal Joshua  K. Prods.; Dir: Drew Taylor
The Admirer Lead Dir. Matthew Barrett
A Love a Day Lead Dir: Sean Avery
Sudoku Lead Dir. Dayi Jung
Supernatural Actor CW; Dir: Phil Sgriccia
My Funny Valentine Actor Hallmark; Dir: Mark Griffiths
List Available Upon Request
Canadian Film Centre Actors Conservatory
Acting Intensives Carol Kelsey; John Boylan
Scene Study Daniel Bacon/Vancouver Acting School
Intensive Audition Techniques Andrew McIlroy/Second Avenue Studios
Tarlington Training Inc. Carole Tarlington; Jeffrey Victor; Edward Foy
Hockey, Football, Snowboarding, Ice Skating, Horseback Riding, Roller Hockey, Golf, Sprint Runner
Driver’s License (Standard, Automatic)

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