Émilie Martel

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Émilie Martel is a director, writer and a producer. She has spent years directing short documentary content for organizations worldwide, such as The Guardian, Great Big Story, Univision and more. Her projects have received support from Hot Docs Cross Current Funds (‘19), the Canadian Council for the Arts (‘19) and the Ontario Council for the Arts (‘20). She is directing and producing the first and second seasons of a francophone animated series about the Métis culture in Ontario (TFO/CMF), co-writing a fictional teen series about girls in a hockey league (TFO), and directing and writing a non-scripted tween cooking series (TFO/CMF).

Her documentaries have played in festivals around the world including Amdocs 2019 in California, One Word Film Festival 2019 in Ottawa, Vancouver Latin American Film Festival and the Ecuadorian film festival Línea Imaginaria in Madrid. Émilie received the 2018 Canadian Women Artists’ Award from NYSCA and is a beneficiary of the Banff Diversity of Voices Initiative (‘18, ‘19, ‘20). In 2019, she was a recipient of the Youth Media Alliance’s Thérèse-Pinho Scholarship. Émilie recently launched her production company Kannon Films. She is comfortable in working English, French and Spanish.


Hockey Gang (Gang de Hockey) Co-writer/Director/Producer Teen fiction series (8 x 13 min); TFO/CMF
Uproot Writer/Director/Producer Feature documentary; Canadian Council for the Arts
Bites of the world (Bouchée du Monde) Co-writer/Director/Producer Unscripted youth (20 x 13 min); TFO/CMF
Marie-Soleil Writer/Director/Producer Short documentary (23 min); Hot Doc/ACFO
The Metis S2 Director/Producer Animated doc series (12 x 13 min); TFO/CMF
The Metis S1 Director/Producer/Editor Animated doc series (7 x 13 min); TFO/CMF
Unheard Director Short-fiction film
Quimsacocha Director/DP/Editor Independent Short Documentary; CFMDC
Les Metis Writer/Director/Producer/Editor Digital web series (10 x 3-4 min); TFO/CMF
Mofwoofoo Woofafa Director/DP/Editor New York Post
Immigration NYC Director/DP/Editor Digital web series; Univision
Boston International Director/DP/Editor Digital web series; Univision
2019 YMA Thérèse-Pinho Scholarship
2018/2019 Banff Diversity of Voices Initiative
2018 New York Foundation for the Arts Canadian Women Artists’ Award
Unheard – Lower East Side Festival of the Arts; MCNY International Short Film Festival
Quimsacocha – Ottawa’s One World Arts; Vancouver’s Latin American Film Festival; Amdocs; Madrid’s Linea Imaginaria; Tijuana’s Humano Film Festival; Voices from the Waters; ASA Humanitarian Film Festival; MikroFAF
Languages: French, English, Spanish

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Reel: https://vimeo.com/281335587

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