Michelle McLeod

Represented by: Adam Stutt



ACTRA                            Height: 5’2”                            Hair: Red                            Eyes: Blue
**WOMEN TALKING Lead MGM/Plan B/Dir: Sarah Polley
HONEY BEE Lead Sixth Avenue Enterprises/Dir: Rama Rau
MY SPY Featured STX Entertainment/Dir: Peter Segal
TAMMY (Short) Lead CFC/Dir: Brendan Brady
*DON’T TALK TO IRENE Lead Lithium Studios/Dir: Pat Mills
FOMO Actor Alli Chung/Dir: Brittany Johnson
TWO HOOKERS AND THE UNIVERSE Featured Dir: Willie Frickelton
IT’S ALL ABOUT ME (documentary) Featured Abugaber Canada/Dir: Antoine Abugaber
**Oscar Winner for Best Adapted Screenplay 2023

**Oscar Nominee for Best Picture 2023

*Official Selection TIFF 2017

HOW TO DIE ALONE Recurring ABC Studios/Onyx Collective/Hulu
WORKIN’ MOMS Recurring CBC/Netflix/Dir: Yael Staav
CREEPED OUT Guest Star HDX/BBC/Dir: Bruce MacDonald
TIN STAR Guest Star Amazon/Kudos Film & TV/Dir: Chris Baugh
GRAND ARMY Principal Netflix/Dir: Tina Mabry
ANGRY ANGEL Principal Lifetime/Dir: Jamie Travis
TURNING INTERN Lead Conrad Productions/Dir. Peter Conrad
WWF “SANDWHICH” Principal Radke Films/Dir. Michael Clowater
SKITTLES ‘GET SKITTLES RICH” SOC Radke Films/Dir. Michael Clowater
SKITTLES “YOUR NAME THE RAINBOW” Principal Thelonious Films/Dir. Matt Eastman
ROGERS SPORTSNET 360 “SUITORS” SOC BC Productions/Dir. David O’Brien
DO YOU FEAR WHAT I FEAR Lead Second City – Toronto/Dir. Paul Kingston
APATHY LOVES COMPANY Lead Second City – Toronto/Dir. Leslie Seiler
ASSISTED SUICIDE SQUAD Lead Second City – Toronto/Dir. Ian Keeling
HAMLET Gravedigger University of Guelph/Dir. Judith Thompson
ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA Guard Buddies in Bad Times/Dir. Sky Gilbert
MA’S COMEDY Self MA’s Comedy
7 STORIES Lillian Arbor Theatre
FIDDLER ON THE ROOF Shprintze St. James Players
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM Peter Quince St. Peter’s Secondary School/Dir. Patricia Young
SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL Vlad Vladikoff Peterborough Theatre Guild/Dir. Leigh Doughty
A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM Protean Peterborough Theatre Guild/Dir. Sandy MacDonald
THE JUNGLE BOOK Baloo St. James Children’s Theatre
HONK! Jumper St. James Children’s Theatre/Dir. Brian Macdonald
THE MUSIC MAN Chorus St. James Players/Dir. Shirley Rolufs
CFC Actors Conservatory Resident (2018/2019)  
Stand-Up Comedy – Second City Toronto Joel Buxton
Second City Toronto Duo Course Kirsten Rasmussen, Matt Folliott
Second City Toronto Conservatory Rob Baker, Adam Cawley, Jennine Profeta, Leslie Seiler
The Second City Toronto – IFA Programs Lisa Merchant, Marjorie Malpass, Brian Smith
Acting for Film and Television (Humber College) John Bourgeois, Maria Ricossa, Dixie Seatle, Sheila McCarthy, Mike Kirby,

Allan Guttman, Christina Collina, Christin Brubaker

Theatre Studies (University of Guelph) Sky Gilbert, Ed Roy, Judith Thompson, Pat Flood, Trevor Copp
Mask Movement Workshop Ron East
Movement Workshop Ron East
Acting Workshop Tom Todoroff
The Actors Symposium Brian Levy, Ron Leach, Crystal Kramer
Basic Combat for Film Steve Wilsher
Robert Altman Award Film Independent Spirit Awards 2023
Best Ensemble Cast for Women Talking National Board of Review Awards 2022
Best Ensemble Cast for Women Talking Boston Society of Film Critics Awards 2022
St. James Players Theatre Studies Scholarship St. James Players
Peterborough Theatre Guild Scholarship Peterborough Theatre Guild
G License (Automatic/Standard), British Accents, Improvisation, Vocal: Alto, Whistler, 12 Years Piano Playing Experience (1995-2008), 4 Years Trumpet Playing Experience (2004-2007), improv, Basic Combat.


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