Charles Officer

Represented by: Kish Iqbal


Unarmed Verses Feature Documentary – National Film Board of Canada
Akilla’s Escape Crime/Thriller Feature Film, 2011 – Canesugar Filmworks

Son of A Smaller Hero

Crime/Thriller Feature Film, 2014—Alcina Pictures

Television mini-series, 2015—Prospero Pictures

The Code Television series, 2015 – Shade PI Productions
Desmond Cole: The Skin I’m In Television Documentary, 2016 – 90th Parallel Productions Ltd
Invisible Essence: The Little Prince Feature Length Television Documentary, 2016 – 90th Parallel Productions Ltd
Mighty Jerome (Harry Winston Jerome) Feature Documentary, 2010 – National Film Board of Canada
Nurse.Fighter.Boy Feature Film, 2008 – CFC/Punk Films Inc./Canesugar Filmworks/Mongrel


*Best Actress Award, Atlantic Film Festival
*Borsos Best Actor Award, Whistler Film Festival
* Best in World Cinema & Best Cinematography, Sarasota Film Festival   Audience Award and Special recommendation, Mannhein Heidelberg Int. Film Festival
We Work Again:Bedouin SC Short Documentary, 2010 – Pirates Blend/Sony BMG/Canesugar Filmworks
In the Year of Our Lord: Bedouin SC Short Documentary, 2007 – Pirates Blend/Dine Alone Records/Canesugar Filmworks
Hotel Vladivostok Featurette, 2006 – Punk Films Inc. * Audience Choice Award VIFF, 2006
Everything is Love and Fear Short Film, 2006 – Punk Films Inc.
Urda. Bone Short Film, 2004 – Punk Films Inc./ Canesugar Filmworks: *Audience Choice Award New York Art Film Festival. *New York International Film Festival. * Best Live Action Short Film, Brooklyn Film Festival
Pop Song Short Film, 2003 – OMDC Calling Card/ PijinKamra Inc. * Nominated: Best Short Film, San Francisco Short Film Festival 2004.
Shorty Hymn Silent War Short Film, 2002 – CFC Short Dramatic Film Program: * Nominated: Best Live Action Short Drama, Genie Awards 2004. * Special Jury Citation Best Short Film, TIFF ’02.
When   Morning Comes Short Film, 2000 – Canesugar Filmworks. * BFVN Best Director Award 2000, *Best Short Film, London Film Festival. *Honourable Mention, CFC World Wide Short Film Festival
Saving Hope

Rookie Blue

Television Series 2015, Episode 409, ICF Films, Eone, CTV

Television Series 2015, Episode 518, ICF Films, Eone, ABC/Global

Engraved on a Nation: Stone Thrower

The Chuck Ealey Story

Fueled by Passion: The Return of the Jets

D-Sisisve at Planet Mars Communication

Television Series 2012, Episode 102, 90th Parallel, The Sports Network


Television Documentary 2011, Frantic Films, CBC



Short Film, 2009 – City Sonic Television Series – Kensington

Divine Brown at The Rex Communication Short Film, 2009 – City Sonic Television Series – Kensington
Da Kink in My Hair Television Series 2 Episodes, 2008 – Barma Alper Productions/Global TV
Hotel Babylon Television Pilot, 2005 – Vision TV/CBC
Spring To Come Digging Roots, 2009 – Indie/Big Soul Productions
Eclectica In Purple Zaki Ibraham, 2008 – Red Ink music/Sony BMG/Icra Music/D6
Shake & Pop Green Velvet, 2007 – Snooty Films Production/Canesugar Filmworks
Strugglin’ K’Naan, 2005 – Direct Current Media/Sony BMG


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