Sarah Polley

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Height: 5’2″         Hair: Blonde           Eyes: Blue            ACTRA/CAEA
Elsa (Lead)
Gaumont//Copperheart Ent.; Dir; Vincenzo Natali
Mr. Nobody
Elise (Lead)
Christal Films; Dir: Jaco Van Dormael
++The Secret Life of Words
Hanna (Lead)
El Deseo S.A.; Dir: Isabel Coixet
Don’t Come Knocking
Sky (Lead)
DCK Prod.; Dir: Wim Wenders
Dawn Of The Dead
Ana (Lead)
Corpus Vivos Prods.; Dir: Zack Synder
Margaret (Lead)
34 Seconds; Dir: Peter Wellington
*My Life Without Me
Anne ( Lead)
Prod: P. Almodovar; Dir: Isabel Croixet
The Event
Dana (Co-Star)
Think Films; Dir: Thom Fitzgerald
No Such Thing
Beatrice (Lead)
American Zoetrope; Dir: Hal Hartley
The Claim
Hope (Lead)
Revolution Films; Dir; M. Winterbottom
Weight Of Water
Maron (Lead)
Prod: Janet Yang; Dir: Kathryn Bigelow
Law of Enclosures
Beatrice (Lead)
Alliance; Dir: John Greyson
Life Before This
Connie (Co-star)
Alliance; Dir: Jerry Ciccoritti
Harper (Lead)
Miramax; Dir: Audrey Wells
Merle (Co-Star)
Miramax/Alliance; Dir: David Cronenberg
Ronna (Lead)
Columbia/TriStar; Dir: Doug Liman
****White Lies
Catherine (Lead)
CBC; Dir: Kari Skogland
The Planet of Jr. Brown
Butter (Co-star)
Filmworks/CBC; Dir: Clement Virgo
**The Sweet Hereafter
Nicole (Lead)
EgoArts; Dir: Atom Egoyan
***The Hanging Garden
Teen Rosemary (Co-star)
Triptych; Dir: Thom Fitzgerald
Joe’s So Mean to Josephine
Josephine (Lead)
Accent/Alliance; Dir: Peter Wellington
Tracey (Co-star)
Alliance; Dir: Atom Egoyan
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Sally Salt (Lead)
Columbia; Dir: Terry Gilliam
*Genie Award 2003 – Best Actress: My Life Without Me
**Cannes-Grand Prix-1997 International Critics Prize – 1997
Chicago and Boston Film Critics Award-Best Supporting Actress-1997
***Most Popular Film – Toronto Int’l Film Fest – Atlantic Film Fest – Vancouver Film Fest
Best Canadian Film – Toronto Int’l Film Festival – shared with the Sweet Hereafter
****International Emmy Nomination
++Goya Award 2005 – Best Film; European Film Actress 2006 Nomination
John Adams
HBO; Prod: Tom Hanks
Slings and Arrows
Guest Star
Rhombus Media/TMN; Dir: Peter Wellington
#Straight Up
Series Regular
CBC/Alliance; Dir: Jerry Ciccoritti
Road to Avonlea (7 seasons)
Series Lead
Disney/CBC; Dir: Various
Series Lead
#Lantern Hill
Disney Prods./Kevin Sullivan
#Gemini Award
^Stories We Tell
Take This Waltz
The Dark Room
@Away From Her
The Harp
@@ Shout Love
Don’t Think Twice
The Best Day Of My Life
^Recipient of the 2012 Rogers Best Canadian Film Award from the Toronto Critics Association
@Nominated for Academy Award 2008 – Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published
@@Best Short Dramatic Film Genie- 2003, Kristen Thompson: Actra Award- Outstanding Female Performance
Complete list of awards available upon request.

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