Julian Richings

Represented by: Pam Winter


Bolero Featured Lionsgate; Dir: Len Weisman
T-Bone (Short) Lead StereoTommy Productions Inc.; Dir: Zachary Bennett
Junction Row Featured Independent; Dir: Ashlea Wessel
Relax I’m From The Future Lead Wango Films; Dir: Luke Higginson
Ithaqua Featured Cave Painting Pictures; Dir: Casey Walker
Wickensberg Lead Independent; Dir: Richard Boddington
Disappointment Blvd. Featured A24; Dir: Ari Aster
Oldtimers Lead Independent; Dir: Brian Quintero
Anything for Jackson Lead Vortex 20A Films; Dir: Justin G. Dyck
Vicious Fun Lead Black Fawn Films; Dir: Cody Calahan
Christmas Temp Featured Chesler/Perlmutter
Stardust Featured Salon Pictures/Wilding Pictures; Dir: Gabriel Range
Stanleyville Lead Scythia Films; Dir: Maxwell McCabe-Lokos
Hall Featured The Horror Of Hall; Dir: Francesco Giannini
Spare Parts Lead Hangar 18 Media; Dir: Andrew T Hunt
Polar Featured Constantin Films; Dir: Jonas Akerlund
Chaos Walking Featured Lionsgate; Dir: Doug Liman
Prisoner X Lead Independent; Dir: Gaurav Seth
Regression Featured Independent; Dir: Alejandro Amenabar
The Witch Featured Independent; Dir: Robert Eggers
Patch Town Lead Suki Films; Dir: Craig Goodwill
Ejecta Lead Foresight Features; Dir: Chad Archibald & Matt Weille
The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet Featured Films Arto and Epithete; Dir: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
The Colony Featured Alcina Pictures; Dir: Jeff Renfroe
Superman: Man of Steel Featured Warner Bros.; Dir: Zach Snyder
Hard Core Logo Part 2 Lead Shadowshows; Dir: Bruce McDonald
The Collaborator Featured DViant Films; Dir: Martin Donovan
Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief Supporting Fox 2000 Pictures; Dir: Chris Columbus
Survival of the Dead Featured Blank of the Dead Productions; Dir: G. A. Romero
The Timekeeper Lead Perfect Circle Prods.; Dir: Louis Belanger
Shoot ‘Em Up Featured New Line Cinema; Dir: Michael Davis
The Tracey Fragments Featured Shadowshows Inc; Dir: Bruce McDonald
X-Men 3 Featured 20th Century Fox; Dir: Brett Ratner
The Last Sect Lead Peace Arch; Dir: Jonathan Dueck
Being Julia Featured Serendipity Point Films; Dir: Istvan Szabo
Open Range Featured TIG Productions; Dir: Kevin Costner
Wrong Turn Lead Prod: Stan Winston; Dir: Rob Schmidt
My Life Without Me Featured Lion’s Gate Films; Dir: Isabel Coixet
The Claim Featured Revolution Films; Dir: Michael Winterbottom
2000 And None Lead Galafilm; Dir: Arto Paragamian
Urban Legend Featured 20th Century Fox; Dir: Jamie Blank
The Red Violin Featured Rhombus Media; Dir: Francois Girard
Cube Featured Cube Libre; Dir: Vincenzo Natali
Hard Core Logo Lead Shadowshows; Dir: Bruce McDonald
Naked Lunch Featured Naked Lunch Productions; Dir: David Cronenberg
Percy Jackson & The Olympians Guest Star 20th Century for Disney+
Popularity Papers Guest Star YTV/BBC; Dir: Stefan Brogren
Reginald the Vampire Guest Star Syfy; Dir: Various
Umbrella Academy Recurring Guest Star Netflix; Dir: Various
Cabinet of Curiosities Guest Star Netflix; Dir: Various
Chapelwaite Recurring Guest Star MGM; Dir: Burr Steers
Detention Adventure Guest Star CBC Digital; Dir: Joe Kicak
Carter Guest Star CTV; Dir: Peter Wellington
Our Lady LTD Recurring Guest Star MGM TV; Prod: Steve Conrad
Talent Drivers Recurring Talent Drivers Prods. Inc.; Dir: Kire Paputts
American Gods Featured Fremantle/Starz; Dir: Jeff Renfroe
Doom Patrol Recurring Guest Star WB/DC Comics
Blood & Treasure Recurring Guest Star CBS; Dir: Alrick Riley
Frontier Guest Star Netflix
The Magicians Guest Star SyFy; Dir: Chris Fisher
Channel Zero –Staircases Guest Star SyFy; Dir: Arkasha Stevenson
Patriot Recurring Guest Star Amazon; Dir: Steve Conrad
Creeped Out Guest Star DHX; Dir: Bruce McDonald
12 Monkeys Recurring Guest Star SyFy; Dir: Chris Bryne
Killjoys Guest Star Temple Street Prod; Dir: Pablo Barzman
The Expanse Recurring Guest Star SYFY/Showcase; Dir: Various
Hannibal Guest Star NBC; Dir: Vincenzo Natali
Orphan Black Recurring BBC America/ Dir: Various
Supernatural Recurring Guest Star Warner Bros./CW; Dir: Various
Todd and the Book of Pure Evil Series Lead Space/CTV; Dir: Various
Kingdom Hospital Series Lead ABC; Dir: Craig Baxley
The Last Casino Lead TMN/Astral Films; Dir: Pierre Gill
Slings And Arrows Guest Star Showcase; Dir: Peter Wellington
Peter Benchley’s Amazon Series Regular Alliance Atlantis; Prod: Peter Meyboom
I Was A Sixth Grade Alien Series Regular Hevi Hevi Productions
The Crossing Featured A & E; Dir: Robert Harmon
John Woo’s Once A Thief Recurring Alliance; Prod: Wendy Grean
War Of The Worlds Series Regular Triumph Entertainment; Prod: Frank Mancuso Jr.
Mustard Leslie/Lewis Tarragon Theatre; Dir: Ashlie Corcoran
I Send You This Cadmium Red John Berger The Art of Time Ensemble; Dir: Daniel Brooks
The Palace Of The End David Kelly CanStage; Dir: David Storch
Inexpressible Island Browning Necessary Angel; Dir: Richard Rose
Twelfth Night Malvolio Atlantic Theatre Co.; Dir: Michael Langham
Lion In The Streets Bill / Priest / Michael Tarragon Theatre; Dir: Judith Thompson
**Coming Through Slaughter Bellocq Necessary Angel; Dir: Richard Rose
*The Man Himself Michael Flexible Packaging Plant; Dir: Cheryl May
Amadeus Salieri Persephone Theatre; Dir: T. Feheregyhazi
The Elephant Man John Merrick Persephone Theatre; Dir: Paul Lampert
** Dora Mavor Moore Award – Best Featured Performer
* Dora Mavor Moore Award – Best Actor

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