Sabryn Rock

Represented by: Emma Laird




SHANIQUA IN ABSTRACTION   Crow’s Theatre (2024)
TRUTH   Young People’s Theatre (2024)
SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL   Soulpepper (2023)
OUR PLACE by Kanika Ambrose   Cahoots/Theatre Pass Muraille (2022)*
CONTRACTIONS   Studio 180 Theatre (2020)
OUR PLACE   Workshop and Development: Cahoots Theatre (2019-2020)
EUREKA DAY   Studio 180 Reads: Studio 180 (2019)
BURNT VICTORY   Playwrights Unit Showcase: Obsidian Theatre (2019)
BANKS PRIZE CARARET   Musical Stage Company (2019)**
ONE SONG GLORY   Musical Stage Company (2017)
ONE SONG GLORY   Acting Up Stage Company (2016)
DUTCHMAN   LemonTree Creations / Summerworks Festival (2012)
AS YOU LIKE IT (ABRIDGED)   Youth Production: Shakespeare in Action (2011)
THE TEMPEST (ABRIDGED)   Youth Production: Shakespeare in Action (2010)
INTO THE WOODS   Workshop: Young People’s Theatre (2008)



SWEAT   Studio 180 / Canadian Stage: David Storch (2020)**
NEXT TO NORMAL   Musical Stage / Mirvish Prds: Philip Akin (2019)**
INTIMATE APPAREL   Obsidian Theatre Company: Philip Akin (2008)***
THE WIZARD OF OZ   Young People’s Theatre: Allen MacInnes (2007)
MR. MARMALADE   Hot House Theatre Regina: Daniel MacDonald (2007)
Covid delayed production *  
RBC Apprentice Program **  
Obsidian Theatre Apprentice Program ***  

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