Kat Sandler

Represented by: Emma Laird


Yaga Tarragon Theatre  
The Candidate Citadel Theatre  
The Party Citadel Theatre  
Bang Bang Factory Theatre  
Late Night ZoomerHall  
Liver Theatre Brouhaha Labs/Red One Theatre  
Retreat Theatre Brouhaha Labs/Storefront Theatre  
Punch Up Theatre Brouhaha/Toronto Fringe  
Cockfight Theatre Brouhaha Labs/Red One Theatre  
Sucker Theatre Brouhaha Labs/Storefront Season  
*Delicacy Theatre Brouhaha/Summerworks Festival  
We Are The Bomb Theatre Brouhaha/Toronto Fringe  
The Unseen Hand Theatre Brouhaha/Playwrights Project  
Rock Theatre Brouhaha/Paper Scissors Collective  
**Help Yourself Theatre Brouhaha/Toronto Fringe  
All Night All Night Productions  
LOVESEXMONEY Theatre Brouhaha/Next Stage Festival  
Laundry Room Trafalgar 24/Driftwood Theatre Company  
The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia? 9LIVES Theatre Company  
Places of Origin Queen’s Drama Dept./DIR: Julie Salverson  
Talking of Michelangelo Theatre Kingston/DIR: Kim Renders  
Cabaret Queen’s Musical Theatre  
GunPlay Gordon Vogt Studio Series  
The Good Detective Shafted Productions/The Poor Alex Theatre  
* 2013 Summerworks Spotlight Award
** 2013 Toronto Fringe Festival Best New Play Contest Winner
2015 NOW Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Playwright and Best Director

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