James Stewart

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JAMES STEWART is an award-winning screenwriter, producer, director, artist, digital innovator and multi-platform visual designer. His body of work ranges from film to mobile to giant screen, and from digital to stereoscopic 3D museum installations.

Through his production company, Geneva Film Co. in Toronto, Canada, James has directed over 300 commercials and created stories using live action, 3D, 4D, gesture control, animation and immersive environments.

James’ stop-motion short film Foxed! has played in Official Selection at over 100 international film festivals including Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Stuttgart and Anima Mundi and was awarded ‘Best Animated Film’ at Yorkton, San Antonio, FirstGlance Philadelphia, Garden State and the Quebec City Children’s Film Festivals.

His silhouette art film, Béatrice Coron’s Daily Battles – based on French artist Béatrice Coron’s papercut artwork – premiered at TED2013 and has playing at over 30 film festivals and museums in the US and Europe.

James’ other notable projects include: the CSA and WGC nominated Chateau Laurier, a live-action drama series starring Fiona Reid, Bruce Grey, Kate Ross Leckie and Luke Humphrey; Werner Herzog’s Cave Of Forgotten Dreams which was called “the reinvention of the cinema medium” by The Guardian and received the prestigious Lumiere Award from the International 3D Society, 3D cinema commercials for Samsung, Toyota, Lexus, and Sprint; Ontario 4D, produced for the Vancouver Olympics and two live 3D concert films of the Montreux Jazz Festival.

As a director, James has been featured in the Directors issue of SHOOT magazine, alongside Ang Lee, has been profiled in Shots magazine, has delivered keynotes on storytelling at Banff/Next Media, CMPA, Cannes Lions, DGC, CSC, ACCT and over 20 other industry events in Hollywood, Europe and Asia. In 2011, he presented the TEDTalk Storytelling in the Next Dimension at TED (Long Beach).


Chateau Laurier S2 (2021) Creator/Producer/Director Geneva Film Co.
Live-action Digital Series – 6 Episodes    
Chateau Laurier S1 (2018) Creator/Producer/Director Geneva Film Co./BravoFACT
Live-action Digital Series – 3 Episodes


Web Distribution

Over 4 million views in first 3 months

Foxed! (2013) Producer/Director Geneva Film Co.
Stop-Motion 3D Short film


Official Selection 100+ film festivals including Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, Yorkton

Broadcast on CBC, Theatrical release TIFFBLB, Web Distribution

Béatrice Coron’s Daily Battles (2013) Producer/Director/Writer Geneva Film Co.
Silhouette animation 3D Short film


World Premiere TED2011

Official Selection 20+ film festivals Including Montreal World Film Festival

What’s YOUR footprint? (2013) Creator/Producer/Director Geneva Film Co./Creative Social
Experiential Digital Content


Web Release – Multi-platform production that allows global activists and artists to express themselves on the soles of their shoes using web-based 3D printing.

‘Define your soul…by designing your sole’ (Branded Entertainment: Converse)

Experience Wuhan II (2013) Producer/Director SIMEX
3D Attraction Film – Live action/CG animation 3D


Theatrical Release – Immersive 3D film for custom designed cinema in China

Experience Wuhan I (2012) Producer/Director SIMEX
3D Attraction Film – Live action/CG animation 3D


Theatrical Release – Immersive 3D film for custom designed cinema in China

Inside the Human Eye (2012) Producer/Director Geneva Film Co.
Experiential Digital 3D Experience – Live action/CG animation 3D


Theatrical Release – for cinema and custom dome

Using molecular level animation, viewers are taken on a journey though the human eye (Science Partner: Cornell University)

SAMSUNG Galaxy (2012) Producer/Director Razorfish/NCM/Geneva Film Co.
World’s First Gesture Control 3D Cinema Game


Theatrical Release – Using projected infra-red tracking, audience members are able to move objects around the cinema using their hand gestures. In Stereoscopic 3D.

US Theatrical release with Spiderman 3D – June 2012

Branded Entertainment: Samsung USA

TEMA (2012) Producer/Director Geneva Film Co./TEMA
Commercials, Digital Content

Awards at WorldFest Houston, Los Angeles Film Festival

Various releases on TV and digital 2012 – 2013

Ontario 4D (2010) Producer/Director Geneva Film Co./SIMEX
4D Attraction Film


Live action/CG animation 3D for cinema and custom dome

Screened at Ontario Pavilion at Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Redesigned as permanent 3D attraction film at Ontario Place, Toronto

TWC (2012) Creator/Producer/Director Toyota Japan
Experiential Digital Content

Created over 60 minutes of original content for 100ft wide custom built 7K resolution cinema experience (Ultra HighDef – UHD)

Filmed in Japan (Branded Entertainment: Toyota Japan)

Experience Montreux (2013) Consulting Producer  

Cast: Claude Nobs, Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Elvis Costello

2 X 3D concert films of 2010 Montreux Jazz Festival

Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2011) 3D Producer Director: Werner Herzog

Awarded International 3D Society Lumiere Award “Best 3D Documentary”

Kylie 3D (2010) Producer  
Music Short


Cast: Kylie Minogue

3D Concert film of 2010 Kylie Minogue Concert at ACC, Toronto

Geneva Film Co. (1992 – Present)

Produced/Directed over 300 commercials

Budget range $50,000 – $1M

Commercials include many award-winners for brands such as Toyota, Lexus, Kia, Hyundai, Sprint, Samsung, Telus, Yellowglen, Kubota, CIBC, TD Bank, BMO, Ford, GM, Acura, Nissan, Bayer, GSK, Genentech, Roche, Scotiabank, Converse, to name a few. Most spots for National TV in Canada, Cinema

release and all for internet. Detailed list available upon request.


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