Trevor White

Represented by: Emma Laird


MAINSTREAM Supporting Lead American Zoetrope; Dir: Gia Coppola
RARE BEASTS Supporting Lead Western Edge Pictures; Dir: Billie Piper
AMERICAN ASSASSIN Supporting Lead CBS Films; Dir: Michael Cuesta
ANCHOR AND HOPE Supporting Lead Venner Film Productions; Dir: Carlos Marques-Marcet
JASON BOURNE Featured Universal; Dir: Paul Greengrass
MAD TO BE NORMAL Supporting Lead Gizmo Films; Dir: Robert Mullan
BURTON & TAYLOR Featured Merchant Ivory; Dir: Richard Laxton
WORLD WAR Z Featured Paramount; Dir: Marc Forster
THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Supporting Lead Warner Bros.; Dir: Christopher Nolan
THE WHISTLEBLOWER Supporting Lead Samuel Goldwyn; Dir: Larysa Kondracki
A SUMMER IN GENOVA Supporting Lead Revolution Films/ Film 4; Dir: Michael Winterbottom
THE DARK KNIGHT: GOTHAM TONIGHT Lead Warner Bros.; Dir: Mark Rance
MINDHUNTERS Supporting Lead Avenue Pictures: Renny Harlin
DIE ANOTHER DAY Featured MGM; Dir: Lee Tamahori
HELLRAISER: HELLSEEKER Lead Miramax; Dir: Rick Bota
INDUSTRY Recurring HBO; Dir: Ed Lilly
I HATE SUZIE Guest Star Sky; Dir: Georgi Banks-Davies
DOCTOR WHO Guest Star BBC; Dir: Mark Tonderai
COUNTERPART Guest Star Starz; Dir: Justin Marks
THE DURRELLS IN CORFU Recurring ITV; Dir: Niall MacCormick
SS-GB Recurring BBC; Dir: Philipp Kadelbach
X COMPANY Recurring CBC; Dir: Various
HUNTED Recurring HBC/BBC; Dir: James Strong
EPISODES Recurring Showtime/BBC; Dir: Jim Field Smith
DOWNTON ABBEY Guest Star IVT/PBS; Dir: Andy Goddard
MOONSHOT Supporting Lead Dangerous Films/ITV; Dir: Richard Dale
THE PATH TO 9/11 Supporting Lead ABC TV; Dir: David L. Cunningham
THE LINE OF BEAUTY Guest Star BBC Television; Dir: Saul Dibb
BEGGARS & CHOOSERS Guest Star Showtime; Dir: Helen Shaver
MILLENNIUM Recurring FOX; Dir: Paul Shapiro/T.J. Wright
DAVINCI’S INQUEST Guest Star CBC; Dir: Alan Simmon
OUTER LIMITS Guest Star MGM; Dir: Jeff Wolnough
MADISON Guest Star CBC; Dir: Jane Thompson
HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD Harry Potter Ed Mirvish Theatre; Dir: John Tiffany
BUILDING THE WALL Rick Park Theatre; Dir: Jez Bond
THEBES LAND T Arcola Theatre; Dir: Daniel Goldman
TERRORISM Daniel Bush Theatre; Dir: Elanor Rhode
HENRY IV, PART I Hotspur Royal Shakespeare Company; Dir: Gregory Doran
HENRY IV, PART II Mowbray Royal Shakespeare Company; Dir: Gregory Doran
THE MACHINE Murray Campbell Donmar, Park Ave Armory, NY; Dir: Josie Rourke
PURPLE HEART Purdy Gate Theatre; Dir: Christopher Haydon
LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT Jamie Apollo Theatre, West End; Dir: Anthony Page
ON THE RECORD Zoriah Miller Arcola Theatre; Dir: Michael Longhurst
TWISTED TALES Bixby/Landy Lyric Hammersmith; Dir: Polly Findlay
RED BUD Bill Ronfeldt Royal Court; Dir: Jo McInnes
MACBETH Macbeth Regent’s Park; Dir: Steve Marmion
ENRON The Lawyer West End, Royal Court; Dir: Rupert Goold
AUNT DAN AND LEMON Marty Royal Court; Dir: Dominic Cooke
CORIOLANUS Tullus Aufidius Royal Shakespeare Company; Dir: Gregory Doran
HOUSE Victor Finborough Theatre; Dir: Josephine Le Grice
PERICLES Pericles Bard On The Beach; Dir: Dean Paul Gibson
POLYGRAPH Francois Nottingham Playhouse; Dir: Giles Croft
Accents & Dialects

Native: American-Standard, RP. American-California, American-East Coast, American-Midwest, American-New York, American-Southern States, American-Western States, Australian, Black Country, Canadian, Dutch, French, French Canadian, German, Italian, London, Scottish-Standard, Spanish, Yorkshire

Languages: French, Spanish
Music & Dance: Ballroom Dancing, Bass Guitar, Break Dancing, Contemporary Dance, Drums, Jive, Percussion
Sports: American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Ice Hockey, Skiing, Tennis
Other Skills: Improvisation, Juggling, Painting, Horse-riding, Stage Combat

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