Jean Yoon

Represented by: Kish Iqbal


Height:  5’1″     Weight:  104 lbs.     Hair: Black     Eyes:  Brown     CAEA/ACTRA     US/CAN Passports


Kim’s Convenience**/*** Umma (Lead) Kim I; Dir:Various
Nurses Willow Chen (Guest Star) ICF Films; Dir: Kelly Makin
Ghost BFF Amy’s Mother (PP) Babe Nation Creations; Dirs: L. MacKay & V. Matsui
The Voyeurs Dr. Sato (PP) Reunion Pippa Movie Inc.; Dir: Michael Mohan
Street Legal Dr. Mercedes Orr (PP) Broken Clown + IGP Productions; Dir: Chloé Robichaud
In Contempt Judge Pinker (Recurring) BET; Dir: Farhad Mann
Dark Matter Dr Hajek (PP) Syfy/Bell; Dir: Bruce MacDonald
Save Me Bella’s Mom (PP) Ithentic/CBC Digital; Dir: Fab Filipo
Shoot the Messenger Georgia (Recurring) CBC; Dir: Sudz Sutherland
Private Eyes Helen Wong (Guest Star) Global; Dir: Kelly Makin
Baroness Von Sketch Show Pres. Of Australiasia (PP) CBC/Frantic Films; Dir: Aleysa Young
Rupture Colette (PP) Tamber/Ambi Prods; Dir: Steven Shainberg
The Expanse Cpt. Theresa Yao (Recurring) SYFY/ShowCase; Dir: Jeff Woolnough
John Lives Again Interviewer (PP) JLA Productions; Dir: Anthony Furey
Beauty and the Beast Aunt Lily (PP) CW/CBS; Dir: Jill Carter
Remedy Imelda (Recurring) Global/Zuckerman; Dir: Various
The Lottery Dr. Cotner (PP) Lifetime: Dir. Matt Earl Beesley
Disconnection Mrs. Lee (PP) City Life Prods/Temple Street; Dir: Sue Chun
Issues Auntie (PP) Insomniac Productions; Dir: Kent Nolan
Orphan Black Det. Beckwith (Recurring) Temple Street/BBC America; Dir: David Frazee
The Husband Cheryl (PP) Scythia Films/Phenomenal Films; Dir: Bruce MacDonald
Empire of Dirt Tess (PP) Narrow Path Productions; Dir: Peter Stebbings
Christmas with Holly Ms. Dillon (PP) Hallmark; Dir: Allan Arkush
The Firm Alison Schneider (PP) NBC/E1; Dir: Fred Gerber
Little Mosque The Tenant (PP) CBC/West Wind
Cancel Christmas Constance (PP) Hallmark; Dir: John Bradshaw
Unnatural History Dr. Carmel (PP) Warner Horizon/Cartoon Network; Dir: John Kretchmer
Warehouse 13 Taka (PP) Sci-Fi; Dir: Constantine Makris
Lost Girl Captain Tong (PP) Global; Dir: Steve DiMarco
Dream House New Editor (PP) Universal; Dir: Jim Sheridan
Rookie Blue School Principal (PP) ABC/Global; Dir: Eric Canuel
Being Erica Mrs. Li (PP) CBC/Temple Street; Dir: Chris Grismer
Wedding Palace Mi Sook (Lead) Prod: Jory Weitz; Dir: Christine Yoo
Unlocked B’s Mother (PP) Mio Adilman Communications
An Accidental Friendship Lila (PP) Hallmark; Dir: Don McBrearty
Instant Star Elizabeth (PP) CTV/Noggin; Prod: Epitome Pictures
Time Traveler’s Wife Dr. Montague (PP) New Line; Dir: Robert Shwentke
The Best Years Mrs. Song (Recurring) Global; Dir: Gail Harvey
The Trojan Horse Ambassador (China) (PP) CBC; Dir: Charles Biname
MVP Elizabeth Chan (PP) CBC/Screendoor; Dir: T.W. Peacocke
*Dragon Boys Belinda Lok (Lead) CBC; Dir: Jerry Ciccoritti
Cow Belles Corinne (PP) Spotted Cow Pro.; Dir: Francine McDougal
This Is Wonderland June Kim (Recurring) CBC/Zuckerman; Dir: Various
Path to 9/11 Betty Ong (PP) ABC/Touchstone; Dir: David Cunningham
Odyssey 5 Dr. Lynn Chen (PP) Showtime; Dir: Bryan Spicer
Chasing Cain Shopkeeper(PP) CBC; Dir: Jerry Ciccoritti
The Brady Bunch in the White House Dotty Finsterwald (PP) Fox/Paramount; Dir: Neil Israel
Blue Murder Davia Bardach (PP) Global TV; Dir: Scott Summersgill
A Killing Spring Officer Lau (Supporting) CTV/Shaftesbury Films; Dir: Stephen Williams
Verdict In Blood Officer Lau (Supporting) CTV/Shaftesbury Films; Dir: Stephen Williams
L’Or Liang Marlow (Series Regular) La Fete/Bloom Films; Dir: Jean Claude Lord
Ararat Third A.D (PP) Ego Art Film; Dir: Atom Egoyan
In the Company of Spies Yang Kung(PP) Paramount Pictures ;Dir: Tim Matheson
La Femme Nikita Ying Kam (Actor) Warners TV-USA/Fireworks
How To Be More Chinese Principal Cool Hand Productions/Comedy Netwk; Dir: Jane Luk
*2007 Gemini Nomination – Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series
**2017 CSA Nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Comedic Role
***2018 CSA Nomination for Best Performance by Leading Actress – Comedy
The Gamblers Uteshihtelny Talk Is Free Theatre; Dir: Esther Jun
The Prince of Homburg Electress Talk Is Free Theatre; Dir: James Kudelka
Kim’s Convenience Mom Soulpepper Theatre/National Tour; Dir: Weyni Mengesha
The Rez Sisters Veronique Factory Theatre; Dir: Ken Gass
Kim’s Convenience Omma Best of Toronto Fringe Festival; Dir: Ins Choi
Tout Comme Elle Cast Necessary Angel; Dir: Brigitte Haentjens
Hana’s Suitcase Fumiko Ishioka LKTYP; Dir: Allen MacInnis
Godzilla Grandmother Crow’s Theatre; Dir: Jim Millan
Spite(writer/performer) Solo Bitter, Mean and Nasty Prods.
Yoko Ono Project Director Playwright/Producer/Director; TPM, Toronto
A Club of Small Men Ensemble Civilized Theatre; Dir: Paul Bettis
The Electrical Field Asako Saito(lead) CBC Radio; Dir: Alison Moss
Noran Bang Omma/Dog Cahoots Theatre/Factory Theatre; Dir: David Oiye
Beo’s Bedroom Grund’s Mom YPT; Dir: Patricia Vanstone
Blessings Emo/Mom/Lady Tarragon Theatre; Dir: Sally Han
The Dragon’s Pearl Turtle/Ma YPT; Dir: Sally Han
Oedipus Manto Die In Debt Theatre; Dir: Sarah Stanley
Languages: Mandarin Chinese, Korean

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